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How to Choose Your Awning Quality

If you have an educational or commercial setting, it is vital that you choose an awning that is robust and durable so that it will survive the demands expected of it in such an environment. We therefore recommend choosing an awning of the highest quality which has been designed for use specifically in commercial settings.

If your awning is for domestic use and will only be used lightly, then the budget awnings may well be suitable however, a higher quality product will give you a longer lasting and smarter looking shade solution and may also have a longer guarantee.


When choosing the fabric colour, it's worth considering whether you wish to match it to your branding colours. Alternatively you may wish to choose a darker colour that will stay looking cleaner for longer, or you may wish to choose a lighter colour to keep the area underneath the awning as bright as possible.

Our awnings are available in over 150 colours including striped and plain fabrics. We also offer a personalisation service where you can have your company/school logo and text of your choice printed onto the fabric. You can see an example where we created a branded awning for the BBC Television Centre in London below.

UV Protection

Almost everyone loves spending time outside in the sun however, it can pose a risk if we stay outside too long when it is at it lowest. We are more at risk of developing skin diseases if we are exposed to UV rays regularly, that is why it is important to offer children and adults a shaded area to sit, dine and play outside.

Our awnings offer between 93% and 99.9% protection from harmful UV (ultraviolet radiation) rays depending on the colour of fabric chosen. This means that whilst sitting or standing underneath one of our awnings, you will be able to stay outside up to 80 times longer than if no sun protected was offered!

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