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Awnings for Education

Awnings are very popular within the education sector, particularly within Early Years environments such as pre-schools and children's centres. They help create a cool shaded area within settings, allowing children to cool down on hot sunny days, reducing the risk of sunburn or heat exhaustion.

Many schools choose to have awnings fitted to offer temporary shade for areas where permanent shade isn't ideal, such as in a playground which is also used for sports. A permanent canopy could limit the area used for the sports activity, whereas an awning can easily be closed to provide a larger area for the activity and also protects the structure from accidental damage.

Awnings are therefore great if you require cover but don't want to have any posts on the structure. This is why awnings are popular within nurseries and pre-schools as they do not restrict their outdoor area. The ability to retract an awning after hours also helps to prevent it being vandalised when your organisation is closed.

Case Study: Freethorpe & District Pre-School

Freethorpe & District Pre-School in Norwich, Norfolk required an awning to enable better usage of their outside area. The children loved learning and playing outdoors but weather conditions meant that it was not always possible. They felt that our commercial awnings would be perfect for them as they are suitable for small areas and offer high UV protection from the Sun which is just wanted they needed.

The children use the awning for various activities including planting and painting outdoors, as well as sand and water activities. The awning also allows general free flow access to the outdoor area, offering the children much more freedom and access to the fresh air.

Here's what Laura Saunders, Pre School Manager said about their new awning:

“Having our awning in place has made a huge difference to our pre-school. The children are able to have much more access to the outdoors which they love. We have been able to do more outdoor activities such as planting seeds and growing vegetables, and offer new fun and stimulating learning opportunities whilst enjoying the benefits of being outside. It is even better than we anticipated and we have received lots of positive feedback from the community. The children love it and we have been able to build it into a learning opportunity for them as they recognise the importance of keeping safe in the sun.”

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