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Yard waste is a prime ingredient in compost.

the collected organics can be added to your composter. Kitchen wastes are high in nitrogen so you need to add lots of leaves or something rich in carbon to be sure that you have the right carbon-to-nitrogen ratio needed for the microorganisms to be most effective. 6. Does composting cause

odours or attract rodents? Any waste management facility, including a composting site, has the potential to generate offen- sive odours or to attract pests. However, experience at hundreds of composting facilities has shown that proper design and operational procedures can prevent or control these problems. Excessive or offen- sive odours are generally a sign that the composting process is not proceeding properly, usually because of inadequate aeration or excessive moisture. Close monitor- ing of these factors can usually help to minimize odours. Facilities can employ abatement systems, such as biofilters, to treat occasional odours. Preventing odours and ensuring that the site is kept clean will ensure that the site does not

attract rodents or other pests. 7. Is compost a fertilizer?

Compost can contain varying amounts of nutrients such as nitro- gen, phosphorus and potassium. However, the concentrations of these nutrients in compost are usually lower than those found in common fertilizers. Compost is more properly

described as a soil amendment or soil conditioner which returns valu- able organic material to the soil. In addition, compost does benefit the soil be improving soil structure, aeration and water retention. 8. How can I get more infor-

mation about composting? For additional

information about

composting, please write The Composting Council of Canada at 16 Northumberland Street, Toron- to, Ontario M6H 1P7 or email us at Specific information about the compost- ing initiatives in your community may obtained by calling your local municipal recycling and compost- ing. q SOURCE Composting Council of Canada.


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