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Stylish French doors open onto the patio.

you step through. Suddenly you’re Mary Lennox stum- bling upon a secret garden, struck by a hint of being in Japan, thanks to a latticed gray fence and the style of the plantings. A graceful pine tree dominates the garden. At the rear of the house, another bright green, dwarf,

cutleaf Japanese maple grows against red brick under window frames painted-black, the colour echoed in the stone walkway and by the mulch in the gardens. An open deck wall gives way to pergola-covered outdoor room shel- tered by a wisteria vine. A rustic lantern hangs from above. This is ideal spot for entertaining. You can imagine cozy- ing up with a good book and or sharing a glass of wine and easy conversation as the daylight fades. More black mulch sets off a staggered row of five blue

A faux cobbled walk connects the front and back gardens.

fescues. This garden by the deck is bordered by shiny- leafed, miniature bayberry shrubs. Colour in the yard is supplied by abbreviated mounds of pink impatiens and a pink-flowering spirea. Rhododendrons, peonies and other ornamental shrubs and perennials – yews, astilbe, iris, hosta and daylilies – await their turn to bloom. A grace- ful and wiry threadleaf cedar is just one of a collection of beautiful shrubs. Stone steps lead down to a sunken garden and a square-

cut lawn, bordered by more black-mulched plantings. One corner is devoted to a quaint potting shed made of logs and cement. A window box overflows with pink ivy gera- niums above a line of purple flowers. A bit of driftwood peeks out from under the dogwood that is about to burst into bloom and that provides a segue to the garden along the back fence. From this vantage point, you can see the steps leading to the arched French doors of the house, the black frames and stark grey of the deck softened by a large containerized Boston fern. This is a small but well-ordered and beautifully designed

This covered pergola creates a perfect outdoor room. 10 • Spring 2015

garden – the minimalism a curious but harmonious complement to the traditional lines of the home. And in the rain, well it smacks just a little of Britain in a cozy, homey sort of way.

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