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HEALTH & FITNESS Stalker questions cancer message

ukactive CEO David Stalker has spoken out in favour of active life- styles, following widespread news coverage suggesting that most cancers are the result of bad luck. A recent study hit headlines

aſter it stated the majority of can- cers could be attributed to chance mutations rather than risk factors associated with unhealthy lifestyles. In their paper Variation in cancer

risk among tissues can be explained by the number of stem cell divi- sions, researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health in the US claimed two thirds of cancer types are simply attributable to random DNA mutations. However, Stalker cited Cancer Research

David Stalker asks: ‘Why leave your health down to luck?’

UK figures that say four in 10 cases of cancer could have been prevented by making lifestyle changes, such as being physically active and eat- ing healthier. He asked: “Why leave something as important as your health down to luck?”. Te ukactive chief also quoted Macmillan

Cancer statistics identifying that cancer survivors can halve their risk of cancer-spe- cific death and recurrence by staying active. Meanwhile, Breakthrough Breast Cancer has

estimated that women can reduce their risk of developing breast cancer by at least 20 per cent by being physically active regularly. “We know that by having an active and

healthy lifestyle we significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer as well as a whole host of other chronic diseases such as dia- betes and heart disease,” said Stalker. “By making the decision to be more active and improve our eating habits, it may not be a guarantee against cancer, but it cer- tainly improves the odds in our favour.” Details:

Jan Spaticchia (leſt) with Sir Ranulph Fiennes Matt Roberts leads New Year fitness push

With the busy January period already in full flow, gyms and PTs alike are working flat out to attract new clients, with celebrity trainer Matt Roberts seemingly leading the charge. Roberts, who counts

David Cameron and Michael McIntyre among his clients, has been a ubiquitous media presence since the 2015 began. Te fitness advocate popped

up on BBC Radio 2 last week (5 January), putting break- fast host Sara Cox through her paces and offering exer- cise advice for those looking to get in shape for 2015. This followed the launch

énergie Group celebrates signing 100,000th member

Fitness franchise énergie Group is celebrat- ing a major landmark aſter signing up its 100,000th member late last year. énergie chair and CEO Jan Spaticchia

announced the milestone at the compa- ny’s annual évolution conference held at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena. Renowned explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes was the keynote speaker at the event, which also saw enter- tainment from popular dance crew ‘Cartel’ of Britain’s Got Talent fame. Addressing an audience of more than 450

Matt Roberts has been a personal trainer for more than 20 years

of his new column for the Mail On Sunday, which hit newsstands on 4 January. By way of introduction, Roberts wrote of his experiences working with Cameron, plus other high pro- file clients, noting that it’s essential for people from all walks of life to make time for exercise. “I want to use this column to give advice and answer questions not just from those who are


already bitten by the exercise bug, but from those who are not yet but sense that they per- haps should be,” he wrote. “Being well is oſten a matter of choice – choosing to do something active, or choosing not to have a glass of wine every night. I understand it’s oſten easier said than done. But I hope to give you a push in the right direction.” Details:

Twitter: @leisureopps

franchisees, master franchisees and staff, Spaticchia said: “Tis year we mark a sig- nificant milestone as we celebrate reaching 100,000 members. As we look back on what we have achieved and look at the exciting future ahead, I truly believe we can look forward to even more exciting times.” Spaticchia added he expects 2015 to be

even bigger for the group, having recently announced that next year would bring the ‘biggest growth ever’ with plans to open 36 clubs between January and December next year, across its three core brands. Details:

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Exercise offers fresh hope for children with arthritis

Traditionally thought to worsen symptoms, research in Canada now suggests exercise can actually benefit children suffering from juvenile arthritis, a condition which affects about one child in every 1,000. In the first study to analyse the benefits

of strength training in kids with arthritis, a University of Saskatchewan graduate stu- dent developed a seven week resistance programme for children aged eight to 18. At the beginning and end of the study,

they measured inflammation of the joints, function, strength and size of the muscles. Participants saw improvements in strength and endurance, and all enjoyed the exercise. Details:

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