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Can I keep the snake in my room, Mom?

that his outdoor friends would not be living in our house, especially not in anyone's pockets. To change the subject I got Desmond

Des giving the apples and my kitchen a bath.

to clean his hands and had him wash the apples, and inadvertently my coun- ter and kitchen floor. He watched as I cut up the apples, removing the bad spots and cores. We placed them in a microwave safe dish, and cooked them for 20 minutes. Once cool, we used our hand-driven strainer to squish the apples and separate out the skins. The boys each took a turn and then scur- ried off, letting me finish the job. The result, beautiful red applesauce.

The pigment from our apples gives our sauce its distinctive red colour. Add a little cinnamon and we had a great treat! It can take 10 or 50 times longer

The pigment in our apples make our sauce red. Tag team apple squishing.

up. So, detour to touching the snake, screaming and giggling. Each one held him for a bit before we put him back where we had found him. Desmond asked if he could keep the snake in his room along with a couple

of frogs he really liked. Umm . . . no, I explained how snakes and frogs had important jobs to do outside catching bugs and that they really wouldn't be happy living inside the house. Fifteen minutes later and we had finally agreed

to get chores done outside with little ones, especially when they are two to four years old, but they have so much fun helping. They are away from the TV and video games and are outside breathing fresh air, discovering and learning a little bit about where food comes from as well as some work ethic. My oldest has it down. My youngest, well, we're still working on it. P

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