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Clematis ‘Vibrant Maroon’.

add colour and height. Clematis tangutica, covers the tennis court fence with its yellow blooms and silvery seed heads late into the fall. Kathie also grows the non-twining ‘Arabella’. “It’s not a climber,” explains Kathie. "It just grows around the other plants.” Roses are another of Kathie’s favourites. She has

rite plants,

more than 40 all together interspersed with other plants throughout her gardens. Roses from the David Austen series are some of her favourites. Given that roses and clematis are two of Kathie’s favou- it’s not surprising she likes to plant


together. In her gardens you’ll find ‘Little Fairy’ rose, with its little seashell pink flowers, draped with the blue flowers of C. integrifolia. On a post next to the back door, climbs a ‘Betty Corning’ clematis next to a ‘Pat Austen’ rose. The lightly fragrant lilac-coloured blooms of the clematis last for six weeks or more and set off the coppery tones of the ‘Pat Austen’ rose planted nearby. A ‘Yellow Bird’ magnolia tree was planted in memory

of John’s father. With its yellow jasmine-scented flow- ers, Kathie recommends this variety when a special tree is desired. Kathie has achieved four-season interest in the garden. Spring-blooming pink and red tulips, dark purple and checkerboard fritillaria are followed by peonies, roses, day lilies, Asiatic lilies, purple coneflower, liatris, coreop- sis and perennial sunflower. Rocks, posts and statuary contribute winter interest. Last year Kathie grew zinnias in her beds for the first time. She was inspired by her cous- in’s garden and liked the way the annuals added colour all season long, right into the fall. Pots filled with striped canna lilies, geraniums and other annuals dot the gardens for added structure and colour. With the eye of an artist and a deep appreciation for plants, Kathie’s garden continues to grow and evolve. P

28 • Beautiful Gardens 2014

Kathie grows many varieties of clemantis; one of her favourite plants.

‘Arabella’ clemantis.

Did we say she loves clemantis?

The natural looking pond reflects Kathie’s taste.

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