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The eager gardener

Garden of Kathie and John Jordan, New Hamburg

Story by Helen Lammers Helps T

he moment you first view Kathie Jordan’s garden, her design talent is immediately evident. From the crimson clematis climbing the lamppost to the

soothing greens of the shade garden to the blousy bank of hydrangeas, there’s a pleasing vista around every corner. Kathie describes her garden as a relaxed English coun-

try-style garden. “It’s not too formal so I can let it go a little,” explains Kathie who likes to view the garden from different angles. Evergreens add structure and wood chip paths allow you to meander about. Strategically placed lampposts, statues, birdhouses, rocks and pots add archi- tectural interest. There was very little in the way of gardens when Kathie,

A lamp post along the walkway to the front door sports cheery fuchsia flowers of the long blooming and rare ‘Mary Rose’ clematis.

her husband John, and two children moved to the heritage home in the countryside near New Hamburg several years ago. Kathie didn’t waste any time getting started. She used a sod cutter to make the gardens even before they had moved in. She had been gardening on a half-acre property in New Hamburg and was eager to get started right away. She didn’t really have a plan, she says. She just went by what looked good to her. She brought plants from her old garden and has purchased a lot of plants from Green Belt Farm Garden Centre in Monkton, Ontario. She also picks up plants at many other places. Kathie removed the overgrown yews from the front of

the house and replaced them with twelve ‘Bonica’ roses interspersed with Lady’s mantle. The ‘Bonica’ roses were inspired by a picture in a magazine, explains Kathie. By cutting the roses back after blooming she enjoys another flush of bloom for an extended period. Bee balm provides a colourful backdrop for the roses. “That was a happy acci- dent,” she says. Along the east side of the house, in the shade, is a wide

bank of Annabelle hydrangeas. "It was important to have the large scale," explains Kathie in reference to the hydran- geas. Nearby a planting of ligularia is turning itself into a mass planting, she adds. Also on the east side of the house is a peaceful shade garden. Surrounding a little pond with plants in various shades of green and a range of textures, the diminutive garden projects an aura of calm that makes you want to linger and relax. Clematis is one of Kathie’s favourite plants and she has

A relaxed English country style garden welcomes visitors to this heritage home in the countryside.

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many examples in her gardens, some of them rare. On a lamp post by the walkway to the front door, the long- blooming ‘Madame Julia Correvon’ clematis welcomes visitors with its cheery fuchsia flowers. In other beds, the rare ‘Mary Rose’ clematis and ‘Polish Spirt’, both purple,

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