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HEALTH & FITNESS MPs pledge to tackle inactivity

MPs attending the first ever Parliamentary Debate on physical activity have agreed that the government has a large role to play in kickstart- ing a reversal of the current trend towards inactivity. The well attended debate

took place on 18 Novemberand was the first time Parliament has talked about inactivity in its 800 year history. ukact ive, whose lat-

est report, Steps to solving inactivity, was referred to throughout, has campaigned tirelessly to get physical inac- tivity onto the public health agenda and is buoyed by the debate. CEO, David Stalker, said: “Parliament is now

Research has shown that physical inactivity is as dangerous as smoking

on board with the physical inactivity narrative – that’s a clear indication of how far the pen- dulum has swung. We look forward to driving focus further in 2015 and beyond.” Minister for Public Health Jane Ellison said

physical activity is now “more important than obesity” and that physical inactivity should cease to be “seen in the narrow prism of obesity.” Nick Smith said there has been great success

in turning the tide on smoking and the same priority should now be given to inactivity. We must “walk, dance and play our way to wellbeing,” now he said, rather than maintain such a strong focus on competitive sport. MPs also highlighted that the government

has to respond to lifestyle disease if the NHS is to remain financially viable, that not enough usable open space for activity is available and that PE confident teachers in primary schools are lacking. Details:

JD Gyms poised for growth during 2015

Retail megabrand JD Sports, which announced its entry into the gym market with the launch of its new JD Gyms brand in early 2014, has outlined plans for expansion in 2015. Te chain is due to launch its second club

in December 2014 in Liverpool city centre – within a Grade II listed three-storey property. “We’re looking to roll out further sites for

the next year. However, we’re also open to expansion through acquisition,” said JD Gyms MD Alun Peacock. JD Gyms will generally be

15,000 to 35,000sq ſt sites located in high pop- ulation centres, with a variety of equipment from different manufacturers rather than a reli- ance on one as part of a ‘best in class’ strategy. “For the time being, the gyms will not be

located within JD Sports stores, but this is not ruled out,” added Peacock. Memberships will cost between £15 and £20 a month, with innovative décor using retail shop fitting expe- rience, and a big emphasis on group exercise.” Details:

Southampton Solent senior lecturer James Fisher

Weekly strength training sessions can reverse ageing

Research from Southampton Solent University has found that just two 15-min- ute strength training sessions a week can take decades off our biological age, reversing the most debilitating effects of ageing. Southampton Solent senior lecturer James

Fisher and his team found that regular strength training led to participants enjoying increased bone mineral density – reducing the risk of the brittle bone syndrome. As one might expect, the sessions also led to muscle mass gains and higher cardiovascular levels. Details:

Is it time to go Danish in childhood obesity battle?

A pioneering Danish health scheme that enforces a series of strict lifestyle changes is being touted as a potential solution to the global childhood obesity epidemic. Te programme, being rolled out across

Denmark, sees overweight children desig- nated with a personalised treatment plan targeting 15-20 daily habits in a bid to trans- form their lifestyle. Exercise in the form of walking or cycling to school, in addition to regular organised physical activity, forms a central tenet of the scheme, To ensure the lifestyle changes stick, the child’s fam- ily is also required to follow the regime. Details:



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