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rown Green’s own Chris Brown took to the blue portable rink at Potters World Championship in a featured exhibition

The new-look Bowls England website is packed with a host of features to meet the needs of bowlers, clubs and county associations. All affiliated clubs and counties can

update their information, post a short profile and submit details of their own events for inclusion within the national events calendar. The new site also includes an interactive

club search, which is linked to a postcode driven mapping service to assist potential new members and visiting players to find clubs easily. A further improvement is the inclusion of a number of online forms, for example to give players in Bowls England National Competitions the option of submitting results electronically and clubs the opportunity to apply for a tournament licence via the website. Tony Allcock MBE, Bowls England Chief

Executive, said: “Supporting individual bowlers, clubs and counties is our top priority, and we have invested significant officer time and resources in developing this new website on behalf of our members. We will continue to work hard to ensure that information on the site is updated in a timely and efficient manner.” Check out

match against World No.1 Greg Harlow. And what a job he did for the sport

of Crown Green Bowls. Not only did he take to the PR machines that are the BBC and WBT like a duck to water, but he showed out on the rink itself that crowners are worthy of TV air time. In fact, what was supposed to be a two-minute fill, because of the way he played, persuaded the Beeb to show the whole lot! In what has been a huge

opportunity for Crown Green Bowls on mainstream TV, Chris managed to take the World No.1 Greg Harlow all the way into a tie break. The exhibition gave the opportunity for Chris

to have some good banter with the crowd, who warmed to the ‘smiling lad’ from Rotherham. “The experience was amazing. Being treated like a professional and getting to work with the

To see a crowner out there on the blue portable rink brought a tear to the eye


Prizes dished out at Beverley

The Beverley Indoor Short Mat Bowls Club held its annual presentation day at North Cave Bowls Club last month. Among the prize winners (from left) were: Pictured far right: Sue Peacock,

David Fisher, Janet Broadly, Eric Boon, Jean Stonehouse, Brian Havercraft, Derek Kennworthy, Fred Needham, Ellie Needham and Joe Roper. Pictured above right: Janet Broadly, Jean Stonehouse, Eric Boon, Brian

6 NationwideBowler

Havercraft, Margaret Kirby, Derek Kenworthy, Ellie Needham and Joe Roper. The club meets between October

and Easter at the Molescroft Pavilion in Beverley.

Brown on the blue – worth the wait

BBC and WBT is something I will never forget,” said Chris ‘Lucky’ Brown. David Gourlay, head coach for the Scotland

team and next season’s World Number One, gave Chris a few tips before his head-to-head encounter with Greg, and was surprised how easily Chris adapted to the indoor game. “Chris has a smile on his face and has picked up how to play the portable rink very quickly”, said David. Janice Gower, Crown PR

for the event, said: “To see a crowner out there on the blue portable rink brought a tear to

the eye. And Chris’s performance on and off the rink fitted perfectly

with what we were asked to provide. Lets

hope we can now negotiate further and get more involved and more air time for Crown Green.” Richard Maddieson, Chief Executive of

the World Bowls Tour, said: “It was good to get the Crown Green involved and Chris did a great job on and off the rink, hopefully we will be able to do something again in the future. Chris brought a lively element to the game and hopefully the way he showed how a Crown Greener can adapt to the game may encourage a few more Crown Green players to take up the challenge. “Who knows, maybe next year Chris will be

a PBA member and have qualified for the World Championships for real. It’s possible.”


Our own Janice


Gower puts questions to the Crown

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