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Wish list

greater acceptance of our sport from mainstream

sports journalists

Better media coverage is a common request on the wish list

people from getting involved on the rink. People who wish to take up bowls are often confronted with strict dress rules that put them off joining a club. Tony Allcock MBE, the Chief Executive

of Bowls England, wants: “A more relaxed attitude to dress code within clubs, and more emphasis on getting people bowling bowls, rather then formally dressing. This can come later.” Stressing that his views are personal

rather than those of Bowls England, he added: “I’d also like to see a more robust coaching structure across the British Isles, to include advanced coaching for those aspiring county, potential international and world championship players.” Alan McMillan, Chief Executive of Bowls

Scotland, wishes for: “A sport that is fully recognised by the Scottish media and where I can pick up a paper, listen to the radio and watch

Scottish TV where the positive aspects of bowls are a regular part of these media platforms.” He added: “I also want a sport where traditions and the ‘what has always been’ are respected, but not a hindrance to progressing our game. And I want a more vibrant and colourful image for the sport on the green, where the perception of the Scottish public is about a country-wide family game for all age groups, rather than a game for the older generation.” Scotland’s Commonwealth Games 2014 Head

Coach David Gourlay is ambitious about the future, and wants bowls to become an Olympic sport and for elite players – both indoor and outdoor – to be able to make a living from the game. David added: “I’d also like to see more TV

coverage, and a greater acceptance of our sport from mainstream sports journalists.” World Indoor Bowls Council Junior Vice-

President Cecil Davidson would like to see more sponsorship for the game, and hopes that someone will build a new indoor stadium somewhere in the Republic of Ireland. He added: “I’d also wish that more

young people would show an interest in and take up the sport.” Tony Allcock rounds off his wish list with the

hope of a return to old bowls with more bias. He said: “I’d like a review of the World Bowls Master

Many would like to see more colour brought to the sport

Bowl, to return the sport to one of greatest skill – something that appears to have been lost in the current trend towards making bowls with less bias than those produced years ago.”

more television coverage, and a

I’d like to see


Do you agree with our panel about what is needed for the future of bowls? Or do you have any different wishes? Let us know and the best letter published in the next issue of Nationwide Bowler will win a Taylor Bowls bag.

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