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Reporter Points of view Janice Gower BOWLING COMES TO THE NORTH WEST RIVIERA



ne proud bowls correspondent writes for you in this issue and I have simply got to start my piece with a mention of the

World Bowls Tour (WBT) event sponsored by The Co-operative Funeralcare that came to Blackpool Newton Hall in February. Stepping into the fray at the 11th hour was some feat for the little club from ‘up north.’ I can proudly say I have been a member of the Blackpool club for many years, and was even happier to be able to support the club owners when they asked me to do the press for the event. The club used to be the old animal quarters for

the Tower Circus and has seen many a lion and elephant through its doors. But in recent years it has been transformed to a premier bowling venue with state-of-the-art electronic score boards and blue carpets. Many things would happen that week. But the

club members stayed smiling and we all pulled together to help and support the WBT. One memorable meeting saw the WBT CEO

Richard Maddieson at 4pm suggest it was a shame we didn’t have a commentary box on site. By 8am the next morning, Justin ‘ever reliable’ had built one and soundproofed it. No job too big or small was that man’s motto for the week. Other mentions have to go to the stewards

who worked their socks off and all the staff from Partington’s. The catering team worked hard all week and the food got fantastic feedback and credits. On a personal note, I have to say a huge personal thanks to Jon Goodall and Sue Kearsley, the manager and assistant manager at the club. The three of us thought on our feet all week and worked like a team, BUT then always had the time to have a laugh and smile. Not sure I have laughed so much for ages. But surely that’s the mark of a winning team? From the players’ point of view, it must have

been interesting for the top 16 to play a ranking event off the portable rink. As Blackpool already has a blue carpet, the set was built around our rink 2. And what a transformation. A note on the bowls of the week. Some great

bowls were played on that rink. I think I watched every one go down from rink side!! Memorable performances? Well there were a few, but particularly the game when Rob

16 NationwideBowler

Janice offers another view from the Tower

had an answer for and then some. Every shot in the book played to perfection and on his birthday to boot.

And so Blackpool did the WBT and bowls

proud and got the just reward with confirmation that next year’s event will be staged there. They have also been awarded the finals of the Co-operative Funeralcare Masters event the weekend of the 10-12 May 2013, which is already scheduled to be shown on Premier Sports channel 428.

And on that note – what have people out there

thought of the coverage on Premier Sports? It would be good to have some feedback. Please drop me a line at Nationwide Bowler and let me know. Since Blackpool, things have been a bit hectic

from a bowls point of view. National Finals and Club events and, of course, the Co-operative Funeralcare UK Masters Tour events. Then there are open tournaments and the Planet Bowls circuit. Quite a lot of bowls to fit into the diary folks. I just got back from a fabulous weekend

playing at the Belfast three bowl pairs event. For the second weekend running, I was the only female in an ‘Open’ event, which still puts out the question as to whether the game is equaling out much or are there still just a handful of us ‘girls’ willing to take on the fellas? Well, I for one thoroughly enjoyed the weekend

in Belfast and playing with John McCullough. But, again, mentions have to go to the club and the organisers (and the catering). What a fantastic event. Great welcome and good bowling. I think those events that guarantee you a few games for your bucks are very enjoyable and add the social side back to the competitive element. Right, enough for now. Need to get the nails

Chisholm played local Lad Mark Dawes. It was an absolute pleasure to watch this exceptional game of bowls. Also a mention for qualifier Pat Briscoe, who took to the rink in fine style and even impressed in the commentary box! But final note on the event has to go to the

Final. What an exhibition of bowls! Rob Paxton did nothing wrong and should be proud of the performance he put on in front of a packed crowd. But whatever he did, Alex Marshall MBE

painted in England colours and off to Stanley for the International series. Enjoy the rest of the Indoor season folks.

And so Blackpool did the WBT and bowls proud and got the just reward

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