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Reporter Off the rink MEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP

National Fours lands top new sponsor

Bowls England is delighted to announce CoaguChek as official sponsors of the 2013 Men’s National Fours Championship. CoaguChek XS is an easy to

use portable device for people on long-term warfarin. Warfarin is most commonly used for the prevention of stroke, and requires regular INR blood tests – a standard measure of blood clotting time. Having to regularly attend clinic for these tests can cause disruption, inconvenience and expense. CoaguChek XS offers a fast,

convenient and safe alternative. After a simple prick of the finger, it enables people to self-monitor their INR. With the support of

FUNDING MARS to help you play

Leisure drink MARS Milk is seeking to encourage people to play more, try something new, and keep alive some of the nation’s favourite sports and hobbies, with the launch of an exciting new fund. The MARS Milk Fund, which runs until October 6, has five £300

awards to donate every week to sports and hobby enthusiasts, clubs – including bowls clubs – projects, groups and simply people who want to play more. The fund is open to residents of, and clubs and organisations based in, the UK and Republic of Ireland only. Applicants must be 13 years or over and only one application will be accepted per person, club or organisation. Applications to the fund can be made on the MARS Milk website


Stranraer Bowling Club held an open day at the start of the new season as part of a campaign to get more people involved in the game – especially families. The club already has a large

junior membership as club volunteers, who have taken the game to Stranraer’s primary schools over the last seven years. Club Committee Member David

Kelly said: “This was our first open day and we were hoping to create awareness about bowling and, if possible, get a few new members.”

10 NationwideBowler “This was a perfect opportunity

to promote bowling in not just just the Stranraer area but in Wigtownshire too, and the added awareness we are raising for the game will help other clubs as well.”

The club is also offering new

bowlers a year’s free membership as part of the campaign. Newcomers will also get

free equipment, Friday night coaching sessions and will be eligible for competitions if they want a taste of competitive bowls.

their healthcare professional, people can save time consuming trips to clinics, giving them freedom to live their life. Allison Rossiter, Director of

Point of Care at Roche, said: “CoaguChek XS gives people on warfarin the option to self- monitor their INR levels, putting them more in control. Self- monitoring with the CoaguChek XS meter gives people an alternative way to test their blood clotting time wherever they are. Self-care is at the heart of the NHS reform and CoaguChek is an example of how technology can help the increasing number of people with long-term conditions.”


Stan Popovich

Stan Popovich is the author of ‘A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non-Resistant Methods’ – an easy to read book that presents a general overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information, go to:


n the second of our series to help you overcome nerves when you’re facing tough

competition on the bowling green, our expert, Stan Popovich, offers this advice on getting the best out of yourself in any competition. Many athletes sometimes

get anxious when they are going against a tough opponent. They get nervous on who they are competing against and they get so worked up that they lose focus on playing their sport.

In the end, they

make mistakes, and end up beating themselves up if they do not win. I’ve developed a list of techniques that any athlete can use to help manage the stress of going against the competition.

The first step is to learn as much as you can about your opponent.

Although this may seem obvious, some athletes may think they already know what they need to know. Remember there is always something to learn about your competition.

Read the reports about your opponent and watch his or her performance.

Try to figure out an angle on how you can beat the competition. The more you know about your competitor the better your chances are of winning. This will also help to reduce your worries in the future.

Do not assume anything about your opponent, such as

whether they are stronger or

weaker than you. Every athlete has his good and bad times, and just because you may be facing a stronger opponent, does not mean that you will lose.

Remember that you and your opponent both have an equal

chance of winning. You are both starting from scratch. This should help you to give you confidence going into your next match.

Focus on how you can best

strive for perfection in your own event instead of worrying

about your opponent; if, for instance, you are going

against the number one athlete in the tournament and you are nervous. Instead of focusing on how good your competition is, focus on your performance. Concentrate on how you can perform your event and how you can best improve on your problem areas.

Realise that you can’t win all of the time, and that also goes for your

opponent. You may be the best athlete in the world, but you will still sometimes lose. No one can win all of the time. When facing a tough competitor, use this fact to your advantage. Even the best athletes will make some mistakes.

It is not uncommon to get nervous when you go against a better opponent. All you can do is to focus on your skill sets and do the best you can. This will help you in the long run.

You may be the best athlete in the world, but you will still sometimes lose

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