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NEW! Vintage Joye Vapor Lounge

Vintage Joye™, originally an online store

selling electronic cigarettes, “The Modern Alternative to Smoking,” was founded by Michael & Dorothy Minichiello in 2009. The entrepreneurial husband and wife team moved to the Naples area in 2011 and opened a small retail store combining Vintage Joye™ e-cigs with Vintage Health and Beauty products such as the popular “Vintage Lashes,” eyelash extensions. Their unique concept is a flashback to the

1940s, an era characterized by glamorous women in pin skirts and flirtatious eyelashes holding a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The men also dressed to impress, typically sporting pinstripe suits and fedora hats accessorized with the always present cigarette or cigar. Vintage Joye™ modernizes this vibe with e-cigs that produce only water vapor. After learning more about e-cigs, it was

apparent to the Minichiellos that so many folks could benefit from utilizing this innovative nicotine delivery device. When you inhale, nicotine is absorbed through the mouth, and by the time you exhale it is just water vapor despite the appearance and taste of actual smoke. Hence the term, “vaping” rather than “smoking” is used to describe the e-cig experience. Smokers are addicted not only to the

nicotine, but also to the physical motions of smoking, the social components, and the role cigarettes play in their everyday routine. This is why so many people have been able to quit for good with e-cigs. A habitual smoker can still have not only their nicotine, but also continue the physical motions of smoking, but without inhaling the over 4,000 dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes. Naples embraced the vintage 1940s

concept and business took off. Vintage Joye™ just expanded to a bigger location at 89 9th Street South in downtown Naples with space for the area’s first and only vapor lounge (grand opening scheduled for August 2012). The retail store and “Vintage Lashes” section is currently open for business, so if you enjoy cigarettes or cigars but want to eliminate the health risks, expense and offensive traits that go along with smoking, check out Vintage Joye™! More info is available online at

pictured: owners Michael &Dorothy Minichiello

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Simply Irresistible Swimwear New local swimwear line, Irresistible Couture, made a sexy

debut on June 16th at Seven Nightclub in Bonita Springs. In collaboration with Pulse Magazine SWFL, Pulse Models INK and Ooh La La Jewels de Jour, this event was one of the hottest parties of the year – attended by almost 500 people! Irresistible Couture offers fabulous designs and styles of swimwear in a fun, colorful, sensual and delightful way. “We

provide products that set the mood by catering to your senses via look, touch, and smell. Our main objective is to bring our customers quality merchandise at affordable prices. We specialize in swim wear that is sexy yet tasteful, and made to fit every shape and all sizes,” says co-owner Paul Sukholinskiy. For more info about the brand, to see new styles and order online, please visit Don’t miss pictures from the party and fashion show in this issue’s On Scene! section (pages 58-59).

Goodbye Latitudes, Hello BOND Restaurant & Lounge

In a location that’s seen a constant revolving door

of venues it comes as no surprise that the venue formerly known as Latitudes Fusion Cuisine at 2500 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #1100 lost altitude fast. While “closed for renovations” back in April, a lot more changed than the decor! When it came time for the big reveal, all traces of the

old restaurant had vanished. Scott D’Antuono, owner of Vision Nightclub and veteran of the local scene, was at the helm of new concept, BOND Restaurant & Lounge. The new team also includes general manag- er Adriano Pucci, who formerly op erated Café Italia in the same location, flanked by Larry Genta Junior, self described Hospitality Marketing Pro. So will BOND finally be the glue that sticks? As

indicated by the grand opening event, the new venue either has a fighting chance, or these guys just know a lot of folks who like free drinks. Here’s hoping it’s the first! Check out exclusive pictures from the party in this issue’s On Scene! section (pages 60-61). 239-596-5600 /

Welcome H&M to Coastland Ctr Mall Debuting in Naples this fall,

H&M, the design-driven global retailer best known for offering high fashion and quality basics at affordable prices, is proud to announce its continued expansion in Florida by opening its

first ever location at the

Coastland Center Mall. The approximately 20,000

square foot store at will include collections for women, men, and juniors plus separate “store within store” sections for accessories, lingerie and maternity. Internationally, H&M has

more than 2,500 stores in 44 markets around the world. For more information, visit

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