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Embracing commercial changes of ‘Tesco Law’

A Sabiha Ahmed Sabiha joins BHSF

The Midlands-based health insurer and employee benefits provider BHSF has appointed a champion to boost its profile among the growing and influential Asian business community. Sabiha Ahmed will be promoting the not-for-

profit company’s products across Birmingham, the West Midlands and the rest of the UK. Brian Hall, BHSF’s Sales and Marketing

Director, says that there have been many changes in the company’s home city of Birmingham during its 138-year-old history. “As the city’s population mix has changed, so has the nature of Birmingham’s business and business leaders”, he said. “It is not that we do not do business in the Asian business sector, but it is the first time we have made it a specific focus for our activities. Sabiha has over five years sales experience, is fluent in Hindi and Marathi and has a Masters in Business Administration from Aston University.

s the legal profession braces itself for the onslaught of more commercial competition, Broad

Street based solicitors, DBS Law says it is prepared and ready for battle. Manaing director Rob Bhol said that is the message we are sending out to the business community in the West Midlands. He said: “New regulations governing the provision of legal

‘For the first time non-lawyers will be able to provide legal services to individuals and commercial customers.’

services, euphemistically called “Tesco Law” are coming into force right now. For the first time non-lawyers will be able to provide legal services to individuals and commercial customers. Commercial firms with big marketing budgets are expected to enter the fray. “There is an upside. Law firms can now provide other commercial

services and appoint non-lawyers to executive positions without restriction. It means dramatic changes for everyone. “Many in the profession have been startled by the changes

and have yet to prepare a response to new market conditions. But we have to grab the opportunity that Tesco Law is giving us. We can now provide new services to commercial clients, like accountancy and even marketing and PR advice in a package with conventional services on contracts and employment law. “Our response has been expansion and investment in

new people. Flexibility is the order of the day and adapting our services to fit our clients’ needs is what we’re about.” DBS Law has recently celebrated its first listing in the

prestigious legal 500 register with the creation of two new departments. Commercial Litigation and Corporate Law have now been added to the company’s portfolio.

New spin on roulette

As part of its first anniversary celebrations, IAB member the Rainbow Casino in Birmingham has launched an innovative way to play roulette. New to the Portland Road venue is the HD Multiplay table, a fully

automated roulette table that allows up to seven players to play roulette at once on a giant touchscreen table. Director Hui Lam says “The table was officially launched on our celebration

night. There are only a handful of these tables presently in the country. They improve the playing experience by combining the traditional playing style of a roulette table with multiplayer touchscreen technology. "We have had an amazing first year and look forward to continuing our

success and growing the business. “We offer a great night out with a bar, restaurant and casino all in one location off the Hagley Road just minutes from Birmingham city centre.”

Duncan Savage,

managing director of the Rainbow Casino, and Hui Lam, director

Rob Bhol, managing dirctor of DBS Law


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