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Future Faces to nurture talent... A

new networking and support initiative aimed at young people was

unveiled at Edgbaston County Cricket Ground just before Christmas. The initiative is Future Faces, which will support the development of younger members of staff at businesses and organisations in Birmingham. The plan is that the young people will benefit and learn from networking with individuals from other businesses who are at a similar stage of their career development. The initiative has already been

rolled out in South Staffordshire, and at the Birmingham launch, it was introduced to more than 150 specially invited guests by former ‘The Apprentice’ star Melody Hossaini. Melody, the runner-up in this year’s

Investing in the future: Speaker Melody Hossaini (centre), from BBC’s The Apprentice, with sponsors (left to right) Amerdeep Jakhu (Birmingham Metropolitan College), Sue Timms (BXL), Karen Freeman (Clarke Willmott) and Peter Maskell (BHSF) at the launch of Birmingham Chamber’s Future Faces at Edgbaston cricket ground.

show, was the guest speaker at the event, and outlined how she believed Future Faces will help young individuals and also the businesses they work for. Melody also spoke about InspirEngage International, the company that she has founded. InspirEngage is a social enterprise, and its aim is to improve the lives of children and young people worldwide. Future Faces in Birmingham has already attracted four key sponsors (see

Picture: Jas Sansi Russell Jeans, director of business services at Birmingham Chamber, said:

“The key thing about Future Faces is that it is aimed at a broad spectrum of individuals. “Everybody is welcome, from every sector, and every educational and

below) and more are being lined up. The initiative will feature a packed events programme for 2012, with the emphasis on the social side.

employment background. “The common issue which will apply to everyone thinking of joining

Future Faces is that they will all be either starting – or re-starting – their career.” sponsors give support to initiative

Sponsors are queuing up to back the Chamber’s newly launched Future Faces networking initiative. Already four organisations have

stepped forward to pledge their support: education business partnership BXL Services, lawyer Clarke Willmott, insurance firm BHSF and Birmingham Metropolitan College. Each of the four will be

associated with Future Faces in a number of ways, including a marketing presence at the initiative’s events, five free membership places, and the opportunity to host an event.

and where identified help channel effort more easily.

“Birmingham, being a city of

1,000 trades, sometimes looks to create 1,000 solutions to the same problem. “For BXL, Future Faces will help

us provide a simpler conduit between the talent of the city and where focus and effort is needed in volunteering and social projects. This will help the individual, as well as the capability of their business, grow faster than acting alone.”

BHSF BHSF’s Brian Hall said: “BHSF sees Future Faces as an exciting opportunity to develop key individuals outside of the usual professional channels. “This initiative will bring a new

generation of future business leaders together helping them build their own networks and informing their skills from a wide variety of viewpoints. “When understandings are shared,

BXL Services John Ling of BXL Services said: “Future Faces is a great initiative which will help start to knit together the younger professionals of our area with each other, businesses, and third sector initiatives. “It'll provide a simpler platform on which people can network together for their own personal development, business contacts,

Clarke Willmott Karen Freeman, of Clarke Willmott, said: “We are delighted to be part of Future Faces as it sets out to work with the stars of the future. It is vital that young people get the opportunities to develop their skill base and feel valued by and in the business community. “Future Faces will provide the skills that this generation needs to become the business leaders of the future and help Birmingham and surrounding areas to train and retain talent.”


best practice explored and ethics reinforced, you get multiple wins for business, the individual and the community. It is this win – win scenario we believe Future Faces will deliver.”

College is delighted to be supporting the professional development of the thousands of talented individuals across the city. “We look forward to sharing our

expertise with local organisations through customised training, development and apprenticeship opportunities that will have a real impact on the future careers of Future Faces members. “This initiative will provide opportunities for individuals to network with other colleagues, which in turn will add real value to businesses across the region.”


Metropolitan College Trudy Burrows, from Birmingham Metropolitan College, said: “As a leading education and training provider, Birmingham Metropolitan

More sponsors are still being sought for the initiative. Future Faces executive Rachel Flanagan said: “This is a very exciting time for the Birmingham Chamber. To have backing from four major companies shows exceptional belief from the business community in that we have what it takes to deliver a new membership, tailored to Birmingham’s future leaders.”

For more information on Future Faces, please contact Rachel Flanagan on 0121 607 1836 or email: r.flanagan@birmingham

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