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2012 MMEA Honors Composition Concert 7th Annual Michigan Music Conference An In-Service for Music Educators

2012 MMEA Honors Composition Concert Application is found at Deadline: November 4, 2011

What is the MMEA Honors Composition Concert? The MMEA Honors Composition Concert is an outstanding event that provides an opportunity for students to compose and perform original music. It also provides a forum for the development of students as composers and performers. Composers, kindergarten through 12th

Honors Composition Concert at the Annual Michigan Music Conference.

How to apply: Submit your student(s)’ original music composition(s) for selection in the MMEA Honors Composition Concert on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

Entry Must Include 6 items: (1) The application form (2) CD recording of piece, or email to with mp3 recording attached (cassette tapes will not be accepted), (3) Notation in any form (optional).(4) MMEA Media Consent and Release Form. (The performance is video recorded). (5) Short Biography about the composer (6) a description of the piece. Applicants selected for the Michigan Honors Composition Concert will be notified by email on or before December 5, 2011. All email addresses listed on application will be contacted. Materials will not be returned.

*Check One - Please Notify Me by ____ Email (preferred)

Mail to: Dr. Sheri E. Jaffurs North Farmington High School 32900 West 13 Mile Rd. Farmington Hills, Michigan 48322 248-426-1190

2012 MMEA Honors Composition Concert Application Deadline: November 4, 2011 Please print clearly

Title of Composition________________________________________________ Composer ______________________________ Age _____Grade _____ Instrumentation _______________________________________________________________________ Address____________________________________________City______________________________Zip__________________ Email______________________________________________Phone________________________________________________ Additional information (please complete all that applies) Private Music Instructor(s) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Email______________________________________________Phone______________________Cell_______________________ School Music Instructor _______________________________Email_________________________________________________ Email______________________________________________Phone______________________Cell_______________________ School Address______________________________________ School Phone __________________________________________ I will perform my composition (circle your response)

YES NO Please list the names of the musician(s) or ensemble that will perform your composition: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *If available would you utilize a Yamaha Clavinova for performance of your piece _______ (Yes or No) For further information contact

Dr. Sheri E. Jaffurs @ or Dr. Dan Steele @

22 _____ U.S. Mail grade, submit original compositions and selected compositions will be performed at the prestigious

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