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in the spotlight Tap-a-Lot

There’s something you reallymust know Before “Spamalot” there’s a show Tap dancerswon’t fail

In their quest for theGrail

If you’re smart, youwill get up and go! –KatelynHarris


anceCouncil ofNorth Texas (DCNT) andDallas Summer Musicals (DSM) join forces for the fifth consecutive season to celebrate TapDancing. In tribute to theNational TapDance

Celebration, Tap-a-Lot celebratesAmerica’s original dance form. Tap-a-Lot, the pre-showforDSM’s production of Spamalot, is 45minutes of fast paced, energetic and enthusiastic dancing.Auditionswere held for The Hoofin’Crew, a group of young performerswho come together from their respective studios to tap theirway through the program.

Tracy Jordan is choreographing theHoofin’Crewnumbers.He has gained awealth of experience throughout his careerworking in Las Vegas, regional theatre, cruise ships and commercials. Tracywas the star of theworld famous FolliesBergere andworked as a featured per- former, choreographer and directorwith such greats as Juliet Prouse, MickeyRooney,DonaldO’Connor,HerschelBernardi, TammyGrimes, LeeRoyReams and Susan Stroman tomention a few. Tracy Jordan also serves as FacilityManagerwithDSMManagementGroup, Inc.

Mr. Jordanwill share duties asMaster ofCeremonieswithMichael Serrecchia, director of theMusical Theatre programatKDCollege,who was in the originalBroadway cast of AChorus Line.OtherMCswill be Miss Jon Fewell of theNu Tappers and Persis Forster ofMiss Persis Studio inArlington.

Each evening features different performers.Confirmed at press time are:Windmill TapCompany fromBrookhavenCollege, London School ofDance ofGarland, StageDoor School ofDance fromMidlothian, The RhythmJunkies, TheEvening Stars ofMcKinney,DoveAcademy of DanceArts ofGarland, InStep ofDallas,EmilyMikolitch, andClassAct TapCompany. TheDanceMovement of Planowill performa jump- rope-tap number. Special guests are: Jamie SingbuschHollenbeck and MicaMayesMoore.

Time slots for additional dance groups to participate are still available. For openings Tuesday through Saturday, June 21-25, contactAmanda Stone

2011DCNT ScholarshipRecipientswill showcase their outstanding tal- ent and technique. Lacy de laGarza,winner of 2011Gene, Louise& FredKelly Tap Teacher Scholarship,will present a solo. In July, Lacywill attend ThirdCoastRhythmProject in SanAntonio.RecipientsKarissa Royster andCassandraCantu of SanAntonio,MaddieOwens of Garland, andMadysonBauer ofColleyville are among the students to perform.

At the end of each showthe audience is asked to join in The Shim Sham, theNationalAnthemof Tap, led byBusterCooper, 87 year- young tap legend. If your group or classwants to learn The Shim Sham,DCNTwill provide a volunteer to come to your studio to teach you this fun traditional number or give you a refresher rehearsal. ContactGinaCarrico: gina_ballerina@yahoo.comto set up time and date.

DANCE!NORTHTEXAS a publication of the dance council of north texas vol. 14 • no. 2 may 2011 page 5

Pictured:Buster Cooper atNational Tap Celebration 2010 at “Wicked.” Photo: ChrisWaits

This year’s TapCelebration is dedicated toOlivia Jones (1998-2011), daughter ofKandis and Joseph Jones.

Tap-a-Lot is presented June 21-25, 2011 from7:00-7:45 pmunder the canopy of the trees at TheMusicHall at Fair Park. Tap-a-Lot is free.

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