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Following is a breakdown of President BarackObama’s FY 2012 budget request thatwas announced onMonday, February 14, 2011: FY 2010 Enacted

FY 2012 President’s

Key Federally FundedArts Program Appropriations (inmillions) National Endowment for theArts

National Endowment for theHumanities Institute ofMuseumand Library Services U.S.Dept. of Education’sArts in Education Corporation for Public Broadcasting

$167.5 $167.5 $32 $40


Arts (NEA) budget to $155million this year. That’s a substantial cut fromits currently funded level of $167.5million. The battle begins nextweekwhen theHouse CR appropriations package comes to the floor. Each and every one of your Representatives will be voting on possible amendments attempting tomake even deeper cuts to theNEA’s budget, beyond the $155million level. It is quite possiblemembers of the Republican Study Committee will offer amendments to fully eliminate theNEAduring floor consideration.

OnMarch 2, 2011, President BarackObama and First Lady MichelleObama presented Jacob’s PillowDance Festivalwith the NationalMedal ofArts, one of the highest awards given by the United States government. Fellowhonorees are Robert Brustein, Van Cliburn,Mark di Suvero,DonaldHall,Quincy Jones,Harper Lee, Sonny Rollins,Meryl Streep, and James Taylor. Ella Baff, Jacob’s PillowExecutive andArtisticDirector, commented “Jacob’s Pillowis tremendously honored to be recognizedwith the NationalMedal ofArts.Alongwith a sense of immeasurable pride and celebration, it is our hope that thismost distinguished award inspires increased interest in and support for dance and all the arts.We share this signal honorwith the pioneering artistswho have enlivened Jacob’s Pillow, our audiences and supporters; and all thosewho recognize the vital role that the arts play in our soci- ety and communities.”

Jacob’s Pillowproudly unveiled Jacob’s PillowDance Interactive, a newonline video collection of Festival artists from1937 to today. Dance Interactive enables the viewer to dive in to video clips of icon- ic Jacob’s Pillowperformances byKyleAbraham,Nina Ananiashvili, SavionGlover, CynthiaGregory, RennieHarris, Judith Jamison, Bill T. Jones, andmany others. Insightful infor- mation about the artists complements each video and there’s even a game inwhich you can test your dance knowledge! The collec- tion includes visually stunning high definition (HD) clips of recent performances andwill continue to growasmore videos are added.

around theworld Jonathan Campbell, graduate of Booker T.WashingtonHSPVA and The Juilliard School, ismoving to Sweden this summer to dancewithGöteborgOpera Ballet.

DANCE!NORTHTEXAS a publication of the dance council of north texas vol. 14 • no. 2 may 2011 page 25

BudgetRequest (inmillions) $146 $146 $32 $0


CeyhunOzsoy has been teachingmaster classes for the Joffrey Ballet School inNewOrleans andwill teach a twoweekwork- shop for the school inNewYork this summer.Ozsoywill stage Act II of Swan Lake at the end of theworkshop.Ankara State Opera and Ballet has invitedOzsoy to teachmaster classes in Turkey. InAugust, CompañiaNacional deDanza has invited him to teach company class and coach principal dancers inMexico City.

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