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in themetroplex MaryWilliford Shadewill serve as InterimChair of the Texas Woman’sUniversity’sDepartment ofDance beginning September 1, 2011.

across the state TCALegislativeUpdate February 8, 2011 Governor Perry released his proposed FY2012-2013 budget today during his State of the State address. The document includes a recommendation to “suspend the appropriation to the Commission on theArts.” Thiswould eliminate all state provided funding for the agency.Without state funding, TCAwould also be ineligible to receive funding in the formof federal grants fromthe National Endowment for theArts.

It is important to understand that theGovernor’s budget recom- mendations are one step in a long process. The introduced ver- sions of the appropriations bill (HB1 and SB1) both provide fund- ing for TCAin the amount of $7.5million over the biennium.All budget requests, including theGovernor’s and TCA’s,mustmake theirway through the process in the comingmonths.During that time, it is possible that changeswill bemade.We simply do not knowwhat the final resolutionwill be.

Regarding the introduced version of theHouse and Senate budget bills (HB1 and SB1 respectively), the level of funding recom- mended for the Texas Commission on theArts (TCA) is the same in both bills.

Budget recommendations include: -Budget reduction of approximately 50%as compared to the last biennium(this includes the grants budget)

-Reduction of 30%of TCAstaff (a loss of 5 staff positions) -Elimination of funding for advertising, promotion and cultural tourism

-Elimination of the contract for TCA’s online grant system -Reduction of 40%to TCA’s travel budget

Knowing there is a state budget shortfall estimated to be between $15 and $27 billion, TCAappreciates the support of the legislature as reflected in the introduced versions ofHB1 and SB1 (82R). Such an appropriation allows TCAto continue to invest in arts education programming and cultural institutions statewide.

TCALegislativeUpdate March 8, 2011 The 82nd Texas Legislature continues inAustin and the Texas Commission on theArts has been involved in severalmeetings of interest to constituents.On February 24th, TCAwent before the HouseAppropriations Subcommittee onGeneralGovernment. TCAthanked the Subcommittee for the support demonstrated for the agency inHB1, theHouseAppropriations Bill.HB1 is the House version of the Texas state budget. TCAalso requested the Subcommittee reinstate several items to the proposed budget.

These include: - Restoration of funding for TCA’s contract for systems programming serviceswhich supports TCA’s online grants system.

DANCE!NORTHTEXAS a publication of the dance council of north texas

- Restoration of five full time employees and their salaries. Positions include two ProgramAdministrators, one Program Assistant,Webmaster, andDirector of Communications. -An additional $2million for theArts Create grant category.

OnMonday, February 28th, theHouseAppropriations Subcommittee onGeneralGovernmentmet to discuss their rec- ommendations to the fullHouseAppropriations Committee. TCA’s request for the restoration of items into the budgetwas not included and no changesweremade to the original recommenda- tions inHB1.HB1 recommendations remain as originally report- ed:

- Budget reduction of approximately 50%as compared to the last biennium(this includes the grants budget)

- Reduction of 30%of TCAstaff (a loss of five staff positions) - Elimination of funding for advertising, promotion and cultural tourism

- Elimination of the contract for TCA’s online grant system - Reduction of 40%to TCA’s travel budget

OnMonday,March 7th, TCAwent before the Senate Finance Committee. SB1, the Senate version of the appropriations bill, matches the recommendations inHB1 (see above). TCAagain requested reinstatement of the grants systemcontract and the five full time employee positions, aswell as $2million forArts Create grants. Public testimonywas provided by representatives of Texans for theArts, the Texas Cultural Trust, and the Texas Travel IndustryAssociation.

April 1, 2011 TCALegislativeUpdate Today,members of the TexasHouse of Representatives debated HB1, theHouse budget bill for FY 2012 - 2013. The introduced version ofHB1 reflected a budget reduction ofmore than 50%for the Texas Commission on theArts (TCA). RepresentativeDavid Simpson put forth an amendment recommending TCA’s budget be reduced by an additional $3.5million each year of the coming bienniumwith those funds redirected to theDepartment ofAging andDisability Services.

The amendment passed by a vote of 67 “yes” to 61 “No”with 17 members “present but not voting.” It should be noted that the Senate has put forth a budget recommending funding for TCAat a level that represents a 50%budget reduction. There are still sev- eral steps in the budgetary process, so passage ofHB1with Rep. Simpson’s amendment does not dictate the final outcome. TCA will continue to provide updates on the legislative process. In the meantime, questions should be directed toGaryGibbs, TCAexec- utive director, at <>orGayeGreeverMcElwain, TCA director of communications at<>.

in the nation Americans for theArts Excerpt February 10, 2011 Nextweek, theU.S.House of Representativeswill bring to the House floor, a Continuing Resolution (CR) appropriations package that proposes to cut dozens of federal agencies and programs for the balance of the current 2011 fiscal year (March 5 through September 30). Yesterday, theHouseAppropriations Committee revealed details ofwhat some of the cutswill be in this CR pack- age and they include cutting theNational Endowment for the

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