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Pictured:BruceWood backstage. Photo: SharenBradford

Musing about the creative process ofHappy Feet for this newcom- pany of dancers,Bruce says:

“As I have gotten older, I have found thatwalking into a studio with a bunch of newdancers alongwith preconceived ideas for newdances is a fool’s errand.As a choreographer, youmust be aware that every dancer is at a different place technically, emotion- ally, intellectually, and artistically.Beyond that, there’s the group dynamic. That dynamic takes longer to get a handle on, but is prob- ably themost important factor.By trying all kinds ofmusicwith all kinds of dance vocabulary, you learn a lot about themindividually and as a group. That is the alchemy atwork.”

I, for one, feel especially fortunate, thatBruce came home to Texas to start his first company and now, forges onwith theBruceWood Dance Project. It’smore than just the creation of newwork; it’s about the passing on of the oral tradition of dance - passing on pearls ofwisdomgleaned fromyears ofwork; and sharing these gemswith his protégés and audiences.

AsBruce pointed out toMannyMendoza for “The truth is that an artist’s job is to take care of a community’s soul just as it’s the business to take care of its finances. It’s just as vital, because if not, then you have a community out of balance. It all plays a part inmaking a city vital, exciting and relevant. “

GayleHalperin is a dance enthusiast, supporter and volunteer.

BruceWoodDance Company. Photo: SharenBradford DANCE!NORTHTEXAS

a publication of the dance council of north texas

vol. 14 •

no. 2

may 2011

page 15

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