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Bock Audio Captures a Tube 47

David Bock, the man behind Bock Audio, has captured the sound of the vintage Neumann U47 tube microphone in the new Bock 407. Bock gained most of his critical insights into the 47’s sound by servicing vintage units in his shop. “T e Bock 407 has that smooth, creamy midrange you associate with a 47, along with the signature proximity eff ect that vocalists like Robert Plant and Frank Sinatra used so famously,” said Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group, which will distribute the Bock 407 in the United States. “It sounds stunning. Importantly, David designed the 407 to use new ‘old stock’ materials: materials that are in current production and that replicate the properties of vintage materials that are no longer being made. T e Bock 407 is aff ordable, consistent, reliable, and, when the time eventually comes, easily serviceable.” T e Bock 407 borrows its power supply and amplifi er from the Bock 507 and adds a custom k47-type capsule that David Bock prototyped and adjusted to meet requirements. T e microphone has a cardioid pickup-pattern and ships with a remote power supply, a professional spider-type shock mount, and a custom 20ft cable that connects the microphone to the power supply. T e Bock 407 is shipping now.

TC Launches System 6000 Integrator Plug-in

TC Electronic has launched a complete integration solution for its System 6000. T e System 6000 Integrator plug-in allows users to save and reload the complete settings of their System 6000 as part of virtually any DAW or NLE project just by using the Ethernet connection, which is already there. T rough standard automation it is also possible to automate preset changes during playback, which means that users are able to get more out of the four processing engines of System 6000 than ever before. For instance, one engine may apply subtle eight-channel reverb in one scene and extraordinary DXP dynamics processing or UnWrap HD in the next.

“We are very excited that users are now able to integrate their System 6000 with their DAWs and NLEs,” said TC Electronic’s T omas Valter, VP of business management, broadcast, and production (pictured). “What may seem like a minor addition to the platform is in fact a game- changing move that adds a whole new

6 August/September 2014

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Propellerhead Unveils Reason 8

Propellerhead Software has announced a new version of its Reason music production platform. Reason 8 features a redesigned user interface and streamlined workfl ow. Leo Nathorst-Böös, Propellerhead product marketing manager, said: “For Reason 8, we’ve taken everything people love about Reason and introduced a streamlined user interface that makes it easier for new users to get started, and more fun for seasoned users to work faster.” T e redesigned user interface off ers a smooth creative

fl ow, while the new browser and search window provides immediate drag-and-drop access to samples, loops, and patches. Expanding on Reason’s included collection of instruments and eff ects are the new amps from Softube, bringing a variety of guitar and bass tones to the rack. Workfl ow improvements make for a more streamlined music creation experience, allowing musicians and producers to move quickly from initial idea to a completed song. Reason 8 also provides an expanding selection of Rack Extension plug-ins available in the Propellerhead shop.

Reason 8 will be available for purchase worldwide on 30 September 2014.

Trio of Interfaces from MOTU dimension to System 6000.”

Based on the Ethernet protocol, multiple System 6000s may be detected and used on the same network, allowing users to take advantage of powerful communication lines between their DAW/NLE and one or more System 6000 mainframes/TC Icon remote hardware or software. TC Electronic is off ering a free 14-day trial for all System 6000 users.

MOTU has announced three new T underbolt audio interfaces with complementary I/O confi gurations, A-D/D-A conversion with very high dynamic range, 48-channel mixing, DSP eff ects, and AVB Ethernet audio networking for system expansion. Based on a new shared technology platform, the 1248, 8M, and 16A diff er only in their analogue I/O confi gurations. T e fl agship 1248 off ers 8 x 12 balanced TRS analogue I/O, four mic inputs with digitally-controlled individual preamps, two front-panel hi-Z guitar inputs, two independent phone outs, and stereo RCA S/PDIF digital I/O. T e 8M provides eight balanced TRS analogue outputs, plus eight mic/line/ instrument ‘combo’ style inputs individually equipped with digitally controlled preamps, 48V phantom power, pad, and MOTU’s V-Limit overload protection. T e 16A is packed with 32 balanced TRS analogue connections (16 inputs and 16 outputs).

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