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A host of new products look set to make their debut in the halls of the RAI. We take at look at what to keep an eye out for and offer some tips on making the most of your trip to Amsterdam.

EVO.Live, Fairlight’s new generation digital audio mixing system, will make its European debut at IBC2014. Based on Fairlight’s audio processing and control surface technologies, EVO. Live offers integrated HD video and multitrack audio recording. A key feature of the console is its ability to switch between live and post- production modes at the touch of a button so that staff engineers can use the desk for audio sweetening when it isn’t needed for on-air applications. Fairlight’s CTO Tino Fibaek

says: “By combining live and post- production capabilities in a single console, we have succeeded in delivering a product that is more flexible and more cost effective than any other large-format live broadcast console on the market. EVO.Live customers will get a much better return on their investment because they are effectively getting two consoles in one.” HHB and audio post subsidiary

Scrub will be joined by co-exhibitors TC Electronic, Dynaudio, Mogami, and Roland. Loudness experts TC Electronic will be launching several new additions to its production and

SSL will highlight new features for MADI-Bridge, its MADI to Dante IP audio network interface

broadcast product ranges. With the DPP (Digital Production

Partnership) file-based delivery target of 1 October imminent, compliance with the EBU R128 loudness standard is a hot topic for IBC visitors, and HHB will be exhibiting the latest loudness metering and correction technologies in hardware and software for acquisition, production, and transmission. RTW will bring its latest crop of loudness metering solutions to IBC2014. Launched earlier this year, RTW’s Masterclass PlugIns Loudness Tools software and TM3-Primus will be on display for IBC attendees for the first time. In addition, executives will be on hand to discuss the company’s new software, smart and premium product categories as well as additional solutions that RTW is planning to reveal during the show. Says Andreas Tweitmann, managing

We ask: What tip(s) would you give to people attending their first IBC?

“Take time to visit all the exhibitors in your main focus hall (so for us post production Hall 7), you never know what exciting complementary services to your business there are available.” Carrie Russell head of R&D, channel strategy, Audio Network

“Wear some comfortable shoes, pace yourself, the days are long and the evenings out can be even longer!” Nicki Fisher sales director – EMEA, Clear-Com

“Don’t try to do it all in a day. I mistakenly booked a same day return flight on my first visit to the show and was astonished at how big it was. Just getting around audio Hall 8 can take a few days, so build enough time in to see it all. Oh, and bring some comfortable shoes!” Andrew Low marketing co-ordinator, HHB Communications

“Wait until Sunday to turn up as then you can get a better deal on hotels.” Lars-Olof Janflod marketing & PR director, Genelec

24 August/September 2014

director, RTW: “Digital content production is at an all-time high, putting audio needs in the spotlight. IBC is a wonderful platform to share our latest innovations with professionals seeking relevant solutions for their evolving needs. We welcome meeting with attendees and the open exchange of ideas that this show offers.”

SSL will announce the release

of new features for MADI-Bridge, the company’s MADI to Dante IP audio network interface. Part of SSL’s Network I/O range, MADI-Bridge

is the industry’s first fully broadcast- ready interface between MADI and Dante.

Te new features for the MADI-

Bridge include bidirectional Sample Rate Conversion and a powerful new ‘Split Mode’. MADI-Bridge’ provides an

interface between a Dante IP Audio Network and MADI. With 64 channels per Bridge at 48kHz, or 32 channels at 96kHz, redundant MADI, IP Network ports and PSU, the Bridge is built for uninterrupted fully-redundant operation.

We ask: What’s your least favourite thing about IBC?

“It is difficult as an exhibitor to be able to get to see everything you want, as IBC is a busy show and it is difficult to leave the stand. IBC’s success hinders us from getting around to see the technological advances, although this isn’t really a complaint but a compliment!” Ian Cookson communications manager, Calrec

“Maybe not with IBC only but with most broadcast shows being so incredibly video centric and that audio is the poor cousin in the back seat.” Lars-Olof Janflod marketing & PR director, Genelec

“The overcrowded city of Amsterdam if all exhibitors and visitors of IBC are in town. Overpriced hotels. Expensive but less good restaurants. Waiting for cabs. Many other cities in Europe would be more exciting and could do it better.” Peter Pörs managing director, Jünger Audio

“The fact that IBC runs over a weekend. When it gets to Sunday afternoon I always feel like shouting out “Go home to your families all of you! Why are we working all weekend – even on a Sunday afternoon when there is no real need for any of us to do this”. As you might guess I would far prefer the more conventional Monday or Tuesday – Thursday show days (like NAB).” Thomas Dove director, Vidcheck

“I think that the audio part of IBC has become less important which I think is a shame as it is as much a part of a good broadcast experience as anything else.” Anne Berggrein marketing manager, DPA Microphones

Te Broadcast Audio Guide 2014

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