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MetroN can function within a larger MediorNet installation, interfacing with other MediorNet frames via fibre. Tere will be plenty more networked

offerings at IBC, including those provided by Merging Technologies (8.E96). Te Swiss firm is using IBC to display its full range of networked products, many of which are built around its MassCore Audio Engine. Included will be the Ravenna/

AES67 networked converters and CoreAudio and ASIO drivers that allow control from any workstation. Te Iris Networked Post Production

System will also be on show coupled with Pyramix and VCube as a “complete solution”.

Studio Recording

Prism Sound (8.E34) is giving European debuts to two new audio interfaces at IBC. Titan and Atlas are multichannel

devices that offer analogue and digital I/O for Mac or Windows PC at sample rates of up to 192kHz via a USB interface. Both units also feature the new MDIO interface expansion slot that can be used, for example, to add a direct connection to an Avid Pro Tools HDX system. Titan has four microphone inputs, while Atlas has eight, and both are designed for multi-track recording, making use of Prism Sound’s CleverClox clocking technology. Prism Sound will also be showing an update to its SADiE 6 recording and editing software that includes options for engineers who want to work with Broadcast WAV (BWF) files that incorporate ISRC data. Te ISRC in BWF feature is included in SADiE’s WAV Master option and is in the SADIE version 6.1 update as part of the ‘Mastering Suite’ and ‘Sound Suite’ packs. Dynamics processing company Jünger Audio (10.A49) will show its D*AP4 VAP Voice Processor. Designed to make life easier for TV production voice-over studios and feature film ADR facilities, it features a proprietary Spectral Signature dynamic EQ, a tool that provides automatic and dynamic EQ control in order to balance spectral differences in real-time. A nifty little innovation, it

works by analysing incoming audio and comparing its spectrum with individually predetermined voice ‘fingerprints’ in order to automatically apply dynamic EQ corrections and provide a consistent sound.

22 August/September 2014 It could prove to be very handy on a

voice over or ADR session that takes place over several days or any other scenario where tonal inconsistencies in a voice recording could occur. Still on the subject of dialogue,

Nugen Audio will present a software application with an algorithm that adapts the dynamic content of audio appropriately for different listening environments and playout systems, while respecting the level of dialogue in the original mix and meeting specific loudness criteria. DynApt will be useful for things like bringing theatrical releases to TV or making TV content suitable for mobile streaming. Te first implementation of this

new technology is now available as an extension for Nugen Audio’s LMB offline loudness correction system.


Although several of the microphone manufacturers that Audio Media contacted were keeping their IBC

cards close to their chests, there are some interesting titbits to reveal. DPA Microphones (8.D70) for one has come up with a neat way to give control of mic placement to non-technical actors or reality show contestants but still get decent quality sound. Te d:screet omnidirectional miniature necklace microphone houses a 4061 miniature capsule inside a soft rubber necklace. So, in theory, anyone can put it on. “Tese microphones are perfect for situations where fast costume changes are necessary – or for reality TV shows where the contestants have to place microphones without help from a trained audio engineer,” says DPA chief executive Christian Poulsen. “Te necklace design ensures that the microphone sits in exactly the same place on the body every time, so there is no need for EQ-ing between different recordings.” Sony, the company with the

biggest presence at most IBCs, is using the show to talk about how its audio technology fits into different workflows. Te DWX digital wireless microphone series is one example after it was chosen by Scottish TV as part of a newsgathering investment in XDCAM and digital audio. “Sony is pushing the boundaries of audio quality, striving to provide a natural sound in challenging conditions,” explains James Leach, the company’s European marketing manager. “Tis has been seen most recently on Joss Stone’s world tour, as the UWP-D wireless microphone series has been helping to capture Joss’s journey as she performs in every country around the world. At IBC2014, we will be showcasing our audio solutions as part of the wide offering of broadcast and workflow technologies that Sony offers.” 

Clear-Com will have a new version of its 1.9GHz roaming digital wireless intercom system FreeSpeak at IBC

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Te d:screet omnidirectional miniature necklace microphone from DPA Te Broadcast Audio Guide 2014

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