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BROADCAST FEATURE Look out for something special from Lawo at IBC

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Talking Trends

Console makers pooling resources, effective IP-based networking, and automated loudness control: these are just some of the trends to look out for at this year’s IBC, writes Will Strauss.

Te audio for broadcast market is set to be well represented at IBC2014 with new technologies and market moves both expected to provide talking points.


Calrec (8.C58), fresh from being bought by private equity firm Electra Partners in March (more of which later), will have its new Summa audio console at IBC. Essentially a cut-down version of the Apollo and Artemis desks, it is, according to the marketing blurb, “designed to ensure intuitive operation in live broadcast applications [and] simplifies even complex workflow tasks, such as creating mix-minus feeds, with a highly intuitive GUI suitable for a broad range of operator levels”.

Te console is controlled via a

high-resolution 17in multi-touch screen that works like a tablet. Te console’s other large displays are fully configurable to display bus, output and loudness meters, and they feature dedicated metering, routing, and processing information for each fader. While DiGiCo (8.D70) will be showing off its consoles at IBC too, it may also be answering questions about

18 August/September 2014

its merger with Calrec and Allen & Heath.

DiGiCo managing director James

Gordon is set to become chief executive of the thus-far unnamed group, while the current chairman of Allen & Heath and Calrec, Malcolm Miller, takes on the role of chairman. Gordon is said to have “bold plans for the group” but maintains that it is “imperative that each company maintains its own independence and style”. Te plan for the future is to share technology and resources across the group and allow some interconnectivity across the product lines. It will certainly be an impressive R&D set-up if all three work together. For now though, and for IBC, DiGiCo says it will be “business as usual” with the SD7, SD10, and SD11 consoles on show, all with broadcast- specific software.

Te SD7 is the flagship model,

offering what the company calls “mind-blowing I/O capabilities”.

It makes use of the company’s proprietary Stealth mixing and routing engine and Super FPGA technology, has three 15in high- resolution touchscreens, each of which accommodates a bank of 12 faders, and features 256 processing paths at 48kHz/96kHz (or 128 at 192kHz). A powerful beast, it offers eight times the oomph of the D5 Live. At the other end of the scale, the SD11 is the smallest by far of all the DiGiCo consoles. A 19in rack mount or table top mixer it is also powered by Stealth Digital Processing and floating point Super FPGA technology and because of its size is highly portable. Consoles are not just made in

Britain, of course. Germany’s Stagetec (8.C80) will feature its On Air flex at IBC, a broadcast mixing console that uses web technologies such as JavaScript and WebKit (plus a web server) for its virtual interface, allowing operation and configuration

from any network capable device. It works with Stagetec’s Nexus modular routing platform. On the same stand, sister company

Salzbrenner will show the Polaris, which offers up to 512 free eligible channels per DSP frame and touchscreen. It also makes use of Nexus. Lawo (8.B50) is promising something special for IBC. All we know for now is that “this addition to the product family boasts high performance and a new face, with an advanced feature set based on proven Lawo technology”. In an unapologetic show of confidence, Lawo describes it as “simply unbelievable”.

Also on show will be the established mc²56 and the mc²66 audio mixing consoles in different frame sizes. Both include the advanced AutoMix, the feature used during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil to enable the production of 32 feeds from just two operators.

Wohler will show its flagship AMP2-E16V modular audio and video processing monitor Te Broadcast Audio Guide 2014

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