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Robert Grange, global director of B2B advertising, FT

t is not uncommon today for international B2B media owners to create integrated multi-platform programmes for large clients. However, the team at the Financial Times are harnessing not only the delivery of media across their portfolio, but also reader engagement to power content creation. A good example of this was a project sponsored by the Boston Consulting Group to identify 50 ideas that have changed business. It began with a series of introductory articles suggesting some of the best (and worst!) ideas to have shaped business. Readers were asked to submit their own suggestions below the fold.

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an example of an idea that transformed business on commercial air travel in more detail as part of efforts to continue to encourage submissions from readers on the site, as well as create debate on their suggestions with journalists. The entries were judged and then published within a super-sized magazine which brought together all the ideas, alongside commentary from relevant writers in each discipline. The publication of the magazine fuelled the continuing debate online, placing many of the articles and videos in the ‘Most Read on’ charts for a number of weeks after the end of the campaign. Robert Grange, global director of B2B advertising, said: “This project delivered great results for Boston Consulting Group and really showcases the FT’s capabilities for brands looking for innovative content marketing solutions.” Specifically, this programme created 606,000 visits, 336,440 video plays,


Jess Butcher, CMO and co-founder of Blippar


n 2013, Blippar made seven Bloomberg Businessweek covers interactive. Blippar is an augmented-reality mobile app which

takes everyday products and transforms them into content-rich, consumer-centric interactive experience (see pages 12-19). In this case, each week Bloomberg Businessweek ran a full page call to action providing readers with instructions on how to ‘blipp’ the cover of the magazine to unlock exclusive video content relating to the design of each cover, as well as the editor’s personal insight into lead stories. The series was sponsored by Deutsche Bank which ran a full page

ad in each issue which readers could also blipp to learn more about the company’s passion to perform and their available financial services. The blipp allowed readers to interact directly with the company. By creating a series of interactive content, Bloomberg BusinessWeek was able to achieve greater engagement with their readers, as well as for their advertising client Deutsche Bank. Jess Butcher, CMO and co-founder of Blippar highlighted this: “The marriage of interactive editorial and advertising provides a revolutionary opportunity for B2B print, not only to increase reader engagement with real-time updates and opportunities to play video, post comments or share content, but also to drive tangible, accountable advertiser value.” Butcher added: “As the content is proactively requested and ‘pulled’ by the user – and requires their undivided attention – dwell times are averaging 75 seconds, a great deal more than other forms of media and advertising.” (see chart).

Blippar dwell time vs dwell time within other forms of advertising

The FT’s ‘fifty

ideas that shaped the business today’ project

supporting 1.6 million ad impressions, and a 50 per cent increase in CTR. Other similar projects have incorporated additional elements such as live event content, video and other partnerships. However, most importantly, the Financial Times is showing an open mind to creating an independent and relevant content series to support both reader and advertiser interest.

Source for other Media Types: ExterionMedia

• Blippar’s average dwell time far exceeds that of other forms of advertising (15x outdoor and 2.5x both TV and radio)

• Furthermore, the type of engagement Blippar provides – active rather than passive – is infinitely more valuable

Michael Toedman is founder and managing director of Soho Syndicate, a media and marketing consultancy focused on international, digital and commercial strategy, and has recently launched, a platform to feature expert practitioners in B2B media and marketing, including thought-leadership, professional development and benchmarks. Toedman also serves as international managing director for the Business to Business Network ( Prior to Soho Syndicate, he served in senior roles at BusinessWeek, Euromoney and Institutional Investor in London, Hong Kong and New York. He served as president of the International Advertising Association in Hong Kong (1998-2000), and joined the IAA UK board in 2001, including two terms as president (2007-2011), and currently serves as chairman of the UK chapter.

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