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Hospital drainage system fighting fit thanks to Lanes for Drains


anes for Drains engineers showed their sensitive sides when they were called in to carry out extensive drainage rehabilitation work at a hospital in Kent.

Their ability to work in highly sensitive environments and find innovate ways to ensure patient care was not disrupted was just as important as their technical skill. Estates managers at Maidstone and

Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust have praised Lanes for Drains for the professional way they have made sure the drainage system is now in rude health. Lanes for Drains’ Sevenoaks depot won the competitive tender for the repair and renovation programme after an extensive routine drainage survey at Maidstone Hospital identified broken pipes that risked causing ground subsidence. Lanes for Drains Sales Manager John Gilbert said: “Any work on a hospital site needs to be managed very sensitively and handled just as if you are working inside a public building. “Key issues for us were eliminating trip hazards with 100% perfect health and safety procedures, avoiding disrupting the smooth running of the hospital and minimising noise nuisance. “I’m proud of the way our teams

performed in all these areas while delivering a highly

professional technical solution for the drainage issues the

hospital faced.” Lanes for

Drains engineers spent six weeks on

the hospital site in Heath Road, Maidstone, installing four full length gravity pipe liners made from fibre glass cured with resin, and 30 patch

liners, used to repair smaller pipe sections.

They also carried out six excavations to replace sections of pipework that could not be lined and used a jet vac tanker to clean out surface water interceptor units and remove waste. A remote controlled crawler camera was used to check work as it progressed. John Gilbert said: “Quite a few of the

repairs and the jet vac cleaning had to be done in enclosed courtyards so we used external manholes to run the jet vac hose under the building, up the other side then back down into the internal drain to do the work. “It’s not a

conventional approach but the

alternative was to run the hose through the building itself which was not an option given the impact that would have on patient care. “We’d like to

think this is the kind of lateral thinking that impresses clients along with the fact that we have the resources and skills to provide an end to end service in complex circumstances.” Four different crews – camera, jetting, excavation and lining – worked on the project which also required some night-time work to avoid disruption to hospital services. Kemperol 2K-PUR ensures business-as-usual A

library in South London has kept borrowers, books and services dry and leak-free thanks to a roof refurbishment project using Kemperol 2K-PUR from Kemper System.

New Eltham Library in Greenwich is a 1920s building with a central pitched roof surrounded by flat roof areas. Thanks to thieves who had stolen lead from the box

guttering and dislodged slates in the process, the integrity of the roof was compromised and the asphalt areas of the flat roof had begun to leak. Greenwich Council needed to find a roofing solution that would enable business-as-usual operation of the library during the roof refurbishment and address the issue of lead theft without changing the appearance of the heritage building. Kemper System’s solvent-free and odourless Kemperol 2K-PUR system provided the answer. Explains Hew Polson from Greenwich

Council: “We had to be confident that there would be no health & safety risk to staff or library users and that the library could retain the same pleasant atmosphere while work was taking place, so a solvent-free odourless system was ideal. And, of course, we needed to be confident that the waterproofing system would also provide a long term solution to the problem, so Kemperol 2K-PUR’s 20-year guaranteed service life was also

44 PUBLIC SECTOR SUSTAINABILITY • VOLUME 2 ISSUE 5 a big deciding factor.”

Based on an 80% sustainable castor oil formulation, Kemperol 2K-PUR is a liquid waterproofing resin that saturates a non-woven polyester reinforcement fleece manufactured from 25% recycled content. Applied in a single process it cures quickly to form a durable yet flexible membrane that bonds to almost any substrate and cannot delaminate. Specialist contractor, Capital Roofing, installed the Kemperol 2K-PUR on a 200m2

area of flat roof

at the library, incorporating the box guttering to provide a high integrity waterproof membrane that gives an authentic ‘lead’ appearance. Thanks to the solvent-free and odourless system, the roof refurbishment was successfully completed without the need for any unscheduled library closures or disruption to staff or service users. Tel: 01925 445 532

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