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Hamworthy Heating offers greater choice with new solar thermal systems


amworthy acknowledges that there are many options available for deploying solar energy, based on the existing heating and hot water system, storage requirements and profiling of hot water demand. To use solar for the generation of domestic hot water (DHW), the most common approach is to use cylinders (calorifiers) with twin coils; one coil is used to transfer the solar energy into the stored water, and the other to provide auxiliary heat input from another source, such as a condensing boiler.

Another way of using solar energy is

for a pre-heat system into existing hot water generation plant. A calorifier, or multiple calorifiers depending on the DHW system demand and size of solar collector field, can extract the heat from the solar collectors and transfer it into the stored water. The cold feed supply to the DHW system is fed via this pre-heat storage process.

A final, and more innovative choice for hot water generation, integrates solar into a direct gas-fired water heater, retaining all the benefits associated with separating hot water generation from the space heating system. This option enables the water heater to be installed closer to the point of use, minimising distribution system heat losses, and maximising the

solar contribution to hot water.

Reflecting its expertise in the integration of renewable technologies, Hamworthy’s new solar thermal solutions demonstrate alternative methods of using solar energy, enabling effective systems to be designed more easily. The Trigon solar collector is an intrinsic part of all Hamworthy solar thermal solutions.

Employing an holistic approach, the

Trigon solar system is a complete package, which delivers everything required for a solar hot water solution: vertical or horizontal mounting Trigon flat plate solar collectors; on-roof or A-frame collector installation kits; solar transfer station with a choice of standard or advanced controls; Powerstock single or twin coil calorifiers and storage tanks; Dorchester DR-TC solar water heaters and integrated solar controls. Developed from Hamworthy’s comprehensive understanding of commercial hot water applications, the Trigon solution delivers a choice of system applications that provide all the benefits of

a system using solar energy – including reduced energy bills and carbon reduction. Where boilers are not part of the solution or space is limited, Hamworthy’s Dorchester DR-TC solar water heater comes into its own with its integrated back-up heat

supply from a high efficiency condensing gas-fired burner system. The Dorchester DR-TC can be used

with Trigon solar collectors to provide a compact yet efficient system, with all the necessary controls supplied to prioritise the use of solar energy.

Delivering financial savings, the Dorchester DR-TC operates independently from a space heating circuit, running the hot water system separately. For customers considering solar

energy, a site survey can be carried out to identify specific project requirements and factors on site to ensure the optimum solar solution is selected for each project. Working with customers, Hamworthy completes solar energy calculations alongside a sizing and performance report, which is delivered with each quotation. Tel: 0845 450 2865, email or visit


iello UPS has extended its successful Master HP UPS series to offer one of the most efficient 600kVA products

on the market.

As one of the most efficient, flexible and reliable UPS systems available today, the Smart Grid ready, Master HP 600kVA is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding installations, offering the highest level of protection. The ‘Smart Active’ function utilised throughout the range allows the unit to monitor the condition of the mains power, and then selects the best operating mode to maintain resilience. In the new 600kVA model, this can increase

operational efficiency to 99 per cent.


Also, when in a parallel redundant configuration, which is common in data centres and other mission critical applications, the Master HP ‘Energy Saving’ function allows the intelligent management of energy consumption with a gradual activation of the UPS units. General Manager of Riello UPS,

Robin Koffler said: “Our Master HP range is already used by hundreds of companies and organisations to power the world’s largest data centres and installations. The new 600kVA model was designed to meet the needs of clients who not only want secure and reliable power, but who are also sensitive to the overall running costs and efficiency


“Riello UPS has invested heavily in developing and introducing products with high efficiency ratings, as well as ensuring the eco credentials of our power protection systems. The development of the Master HP 600kVA is the perfect demonstration of this.”

The Master Plus HP series shares advanced battery management technology with the traditional Master MPS models, to help achieve maximum battery performance and prolonged design life. The unit also features a range of advanced communication and connectivity options for easy remote management. For more information on the Master HP range please contact the Riello sales and projects team or visit www.riello- ups/master-HP/

Email: Tel: 0800 269 394

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