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HA Lighting, based in Greater Manchester, uses two-thirds of the energy of its closest competitors and has developed bespoke light fittings for a variety of public sector clients. Most recently, MHA Lighting provided a powerful solution to replace lights at Wigan Council’s Water Street Multi Storey Car Park with their energy efficient LB30 fitting, which is just 45 watts inclusive of ballast.


The unique LED technology means the car park is using 50% less energy than the pre-existing system and saving 35tonnes of CO2

a year. It has also tripled light levels at the site.


MHA is the only lighting manufacturer to use waveguide technology to shine light sideways into an encapsulation – not directly outwards. This avoids direct contact with the eye and provides a safe and efficient light output.

The patented waveguide technology offers distinct advantages over other LED manufacturers as it allows the company to replicate the light quality and uniformity of traditional lighting.

MHA also use acrylic rods to amplify and control the light output, reducing the number of LEDs required. This means they can use high power LEDs, draw less current and have no need to diffuse the output.

LIGHTING THE WAY AT WIGAN CAR PARK By installing MHA’s LED technology, Wigan Council Energy Management has halved energy bills and CO2

The light levels and light

uniformity within the car park have also been improved which will enhance customer experience and security at the site.

Customer feedback on the new lighting has been extremely positive with car park staff reporting an increase in footfall at the site. The fittings are designed and constructed to operate for 60,000 hours maintenance free (seven years at 24 hours a day) saving the council a further £1,065 per annum in annual maintenance costs.

Wigan Council’s Carbon and Energy Manager Janet Ackary said: "Car parks pose a particular challenge as their design means that artificial lighting is required throughout opening hours.

“Improving the efficiency of lighting such as this by up to 50% is therefore a brilliant result. “This project is particularly impressive as it delivers a dual efficiency impact, by saving on both electricity running costs as well as annual maintenance costs."

emissions at

Water Street Multi Storey Car Park – which is one of their busiest car parks. In addition to using 50% less energy, the use of a light sensor controls will help the council make further reductions on their energy bills.

ENERGY SAVINGS PAY OFF – NORTH DEVON HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST MHA Lighting is helping NHS Trusts fight hospital acquired infection rates with revolutionary new sealed lighting units. MHA Lighting’s patented LED technology has been designed as a fully sealed unit to stop dust, bacteria and dead insects from gathering around warm light fittings and spreading deadly superbugs. The LED’s 60,000 hour life span (seven years) also eradicates the needs for routine maintenance and bulb replacement which again stops harmful bacteria from being distributed into the atmosphere.

MHA Lighting MD Tom Harrison said: “Not only is the NHS saving money on operational costs for routine light maintenance, but our LED’s burn 20% of the energy of traditional fluorescents. “At a time when the Government has

set the NHS tough targets to reduce CO2 emissions, more energy efficient lighting is paramount in saving money and reducing a Trust’s carbon footprint.” MHA has completed numerous lighting refurbishments for the NHS as well as the private health care sector.


They recently completed an installation in North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple, which is part of the North Devon Healthcare NHS Trust (NDHT).

There MHA Lighting replaced traditional 72 watt fluorescents with their unique 4000 Kelvin TiLite 20 and 30 watt LED units in wards, corridors and reception areas.

The high colour rendering of 4000

Kelvin is precisely the colour the NHS requires to provide perfect light quality for examining patients or the cleanliness of the facilities. Tom added: “Every year, the Trust was consuming large amounts of electricity on lighting using up 127910 KW/H per annum and emitting 70 Tonnes of CO2


the specified areas. “The new lighting installation has reduced the hospitals overall carbon emissions by 354 Tonnes and saved 94, 866 KW/H and with the integration of dimmers energy savings have exceeded 75%.”


MHA Lighting has an extensive range of LED solutions for most internal and external applications.

MHA works to create the right lighting solution for each individual client. Clients include the NHS, Wigan Council, Cambridge Council, Newcastle Airport, Manchester Airport Group, Budgens Supermarket, GlaxoSmithKline, Chevron-Texaco, Coca-Cola and Greater Manchester Police.

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