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IF YOU are offered an overseas posting you will have to look carefully into the education available for your children. The type and quality of

Excitement at Chilton Cantelo EXCITING

Educating the Individual Since 1841 Ages 5 to 18 Years

Strong Christian & Family Values Excellent Academic Results Challenging Extra-Curricular Activities Outstanding Pastoral Care

ENTRANCE EXAM Monday 24th January 2011

For more information, please contact Mrs Jacky Rowe Tel: 01409 282001 E-mail:

have continued to take place at Chilton Cantelo School and much more work has been done during the last few months with the support of parent company Cognita. The school has installed

five brand new classrooms and re-structured and refurbished the boarding facilities. Once again,


Chilton Cantelo School achieved outstanding results in 2010’s GCSE examinations. Feedback from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) was extremely positive with the report highlighting the high level of academic achievement and the “excellent” personal development of pupils. As part of the on-going development plan for the school a sixth form is also proposed. Starting at £2,550 the fees represent fantastic value for money and with increased extra-curricular opportunities and national success both individually and collectively over the last couple of years, it is an exciting time to be a pupil at Chilton.

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Assessment Day Friday 14th January

Scholarship Assessments Thursday 10th & Friday 11th February

SHEBBEAR College continues in its belief that it is the ‘Best small school in the south-west’ and is continuing to build on its already impressive infrastructure. Recent years have seen improvements right across the school. Not only have all of the school’s teaching areas been subject to considerable investment but the addition of a full size all-weather pitch as well as a professional standard cardiovascular suite; dance studio and weights room, have ensured that the sporting facilities are exceptional. Work has started on the new build onto the existing Junior School with the addition of an assembly hall, and three new classrooms due to open in September 2011. The Kindergarten has been redeveloped and now boasts one of the best facilities in the south-west. On the music front a new Recital Room will complement the already-successful choir and the music technology lab is benefiting from the addition of 22 new Apple Mac computers. Contact Mrs Jacky Rowe on 01409 282001 or registrar@

Shebbear is best

pupils from new developments

education available will differ from country to country and often from one part of a country to another. The opportunity for a child to be educated in a different system and a different culture can have tremendous advantages, but you will have to weigh up carefully the advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide to take your

child overseas you must contact CEAS who will advise you on the type of schools and funding available in that country and whether the educational provision is of a high enough standard. Education

overseas can

roughly divided into four different types as listed below.

■ Service Children’s Education (SCE) SCE provides schools in parts

of Germany, Cyprus, Belize, the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar and Brunei.

SCE schools follow the English

education system as closely as possible, however, they cannot

Overseas advice from CEAS

always provide the same level of support. If your child has special educational needs,

you must

contact CEAS, before you accept an overseas posting, to check if your child’s needs can be met. Further information on SCE school locations and types can be found on their website: www.

■ English Speaking Schools If you are posted to an English speaking country your child will be able to attend the local state school.

The school will follow the be

curriculum of the country and the English national curriculum will not be available. If there is a more appropriate independent day school available locally you may be eligible for an allowance to help you with the cost of fees.

■ Non English Speaking Schools If you are posted to a country where the local schools teach in a language other than English your child may be able to attend one of these schools.

your child learn the local language but

There is an allowance to help the provision varies


country to country. The English national curriculum will not be available. Your child will need to have a real interest in languages if he/she is going to thrive in one of these schools.

■ International Schools These are independent schools which can sometimes be found in non English-speaking countries. These schools cater for the

international community and the main language is usually English. The curriculum sometimes

follows the same pattern as in England but other systems may be followed.

If there is an International school close to where you are posted you may be able to claim an allowance to help with fees. If

you have any worries

about any matter regarding the education of your children, please contact CEAS for information and advice: www.ceas.mod. uk,, and helpline: 01980 618244.

e-mail: enquiries@ceas. Truro celebrates its results

grades were A*, with 60 per cent at either A* or A, 87 per cent at A* to B and 97 per cent at A* to C. Ninety-six per cent of students

THE year 2010 has been an important year for Truro High School with the celebration of its 130th anniversary and a string of further successes. A-level and GCSE results have again been outstanding. Fourteen per cent of A-levels were scored at the new A* grade with 65 per cent scoring A* to B and 83 per cent achieving A* to C. Nearly 75 per cent of the girls were accepted for their first choice of university. Twenty-one per cent of all GCSE

got at least A* to C in five subjects – including English and Maths. Boasting first-class teachers, small class sizes and excellent facilities, Truro High’s success can

providing an all-round education that is focused on developing the individual. “We create an environment tailored to girls,

encourages their desire to learn and which fosters an increasing confidence in their own judgement and risk taking,” said Headmistress Caroline Pascoe. “We have a very strong work ethic and a committed, dedicated staff who have the experience and expertise needed to bring out the very best in everyone.” In February,

inspection report confirmed the outstanding level of boarding facilities at the school. Boarders,

“excellent system of pastoral care”, “high quality, well appointed, safe and secure boarding accommodation” and “excellent

West Hill Park Preparatory School

Day and Boarding School for

boys and girls 2½ - 13 years

Open Morning

Saturday 19 March 2011 10:00 - 12:30

icheld Hampshire PO14 4BS

CAPT James Morley, Commanding Officer of HMS Albion, hosted a Field Day on November 26 for cadets of Trinity School Teignmouth Combined Cadet Force. HMS Albion, the core of

the Navy’s amphibious assault force, has been Trinity School CCF’s affiliated ship since being commissioned in 2003. Thirty-five cadets in Year 9

01329 842356

who joined CCF in September, accompanied by Lt Gérard Poulet and S/Lt Philip Tadd of the RN Section and Capt Philip Jones, O/C of the Army Section and his 2 i/c Lt Eddie Campbell- Thomas arrived at Camels Head Gate, Devonport Naval Base, on a bright but bitterly cold morning to be met by Lt Edward Faulkner,

Trinity’s affinity it said, enjoy an an Ofsted one that largely be attributed to

sporting, study and recreational features”.

The school also received an excellent write-up in the Good Schools Guide recently. Truro High School Nursery is

challenging yet emotionally nurturing environment for their daughters.”

described as a “lovely, safe setting” where “switched on, specialist staff get young minds and limbs off to a happy start.” The Prep School is described as

having a “nurturing atmosphere, caring and communicative staff who produce great results” and the Senior School is “a ‘must visit’ for those seeking an academically

school’s participation in the fiftieth Ten Tors event and a month-long expedition to the foothills of the Himalayas, led by Mrs Pascoe, which resulted in all twenty girls who went achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards. For more information about

Truro High School, visit www. or

272830 to organise a taster day or tour.

call 01872 Other highlights have been the

and Lt Seanaidh Rae. After a brief welcome from Capt Morley in the Command Planning Room, the cadets were divided into two groups and embarked on tours of the ship: one before and the second after lunch. Cadets were very impressed with the sophisticated facilities in the Combined Operation Room and lingered on the bridge with the automated plotting table fed from GPS as well as the old chart and compass methods. The second part of the visit took them to the flight deck, the weapon system and the dock below where it was easy to imagine LCUs

leaving manned by members of Albion’s own Royal Marine Assault Squadron.

(Landing Craft Utility)

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