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TROPHY No 7241 is a silver model of a Scimitar fighter aircraft and was presented to the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious by Vickers Armstrong to commemorate the first embarkation of a squadron of these aircraft in that ship in 1958. HMS Victorious had, at that time, completed an extensive modernisation which included fitting the ship with steam – rather than hydraulic – catapults, the mirror landing aid and an angled flight deck. In her original form,

Victorious had, in January 1945, been part of Admiral Vian’s Force 63; this force included

the carriers

Indomitable, Illustrious and Indefatigable, the battleship King George V, three cruisers and ten destroyers. The ships were en route to

Sydney, Australia, where they eventually became part of the British Pacific Fleet and then supported the Allied invasion of Okinawa. On their journey across the Indian Ocean they refuelled before preparing to attack Japanese-held oil refineries at Palembang in Sumatra. The raid was scheduled to take place on January 21 but was delayed for three days by bad weather.

The carriers launched a total of 43 Avenger bombers, 12 Firefly fighter-bombers and


Cdr Patrick G Dowsett to HMS Northumberland as CO from March 8 2011. Rear Adm Peter Hudson to be Chief of Staff Capability from February 2 2011.


HMS Auriga S69: About 20 of the last commission of HMS Auriga still get together once a year in the home town of one of the crew, such as Southampton, Swansea, Rotherham, Chester, Ipswich, Clacton-on- sea, Chatham and Cambridge, to name a few over the past eight years. In 2011 we will meet up in Cleethorpes, nr Grimsby. Any ex-Auriga submariners wanting more details should contact Les Parfi t, 3 Lynton Close, Harwich, Essex, CO12 4BN or tel: 01255 240425.

next reunion and AGM at the Park House Hotel, Blackpool from March 4 to 6. Our association is made up from shipmates from all commissions, so if there is anyone out there who is an ex HMS Diana matelot, and would like to come along and join us and hopefully meet up with your old oppos, please ring the hotel 01253 620081 and book a room. For further details please contact J Fisher at or tel: 0116 367 8360. HMS Sirius F40. Calling all Dogstars.

HMS Diana Association: Hold their MARCH 2011

HMS Dunkirk Association: Reunion at the Ramada Encore Hotel, Chatham on April 16. Contact Jackie Carroll at jande.carroll@ or tel: 01692 678721. HMS Tenby Association will be holding its 18th annual reunion at the Arlington Hotel, Bournemouth, from April 29 to May 2, all members are most welcome. For more information and a booking form contact Ken Jones at or tel: 01752 406326.

Exeter 82 Association: A reunion is planned for May 28 at the WO & Chiefs mess at HMS Excellent from 1930hrs. The invite is open to all ex Exeter crew members now. Contact Reg Cornall at reginald.cornall@ or tel: 07875 268584.

MAY 2011

The next reunion (Engage!) will take place in HMS Nelson WOs’ & SRs’ Mess on March 5. Details will grow on the website http://www. As always, success depends on you spreading the word. Silly questions to Pam at mws-wtg-pwouww3@fl eetfost. or or tel: 01329 333525. The Junglie Dinner takes place on

March 24 at the Wardroom, HMS Heron. For more details contact Lt Helen Baker at or tel: 01935 455374.

2nd reunion from March 25 to 27. This will be a special reunion where we will be dedicating a bench at the National Arboretum and unfurling our Association Standard for the fi rst time. The reunion will be attended by some of our former Captains. For more information contact Dave Goodman at or tel: 00 353 1 8152436.

HMS Resolution Association hold their

annual reunion takes place from April 15 to 17 at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Southport. New members of all commissions welcome. Come and claim your ‘tot’. For details contact Malcolm ‘Dobbo’ Dobson at dobbo. or tel: 01502 677395. HMS Cumberland Association: 2011

HMS Decoy Association: The 24th APRIL 2011 Contacts Veterans Agency: 0800 169 2277, www. Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity: 023 9254 8076, RNBT: 023 9269 0112 (general), 023 9266 0296 (grants), British Legion: 08457 725725, www. Naval Families

4374, Federation: 023 9265

227912, Royal Naval Association: 023 9272 3823,

RN and RM Service records: 01283 Royal Navy recruitment: 0845 607 5555,

Ministry of Defence: 0870 607 4455, SSAFA Forces Help: 0845 1300 975, Fleet Air Arm Museum: 01935 840565, National Maritime Museum: 020 8312 RN Community: Medals enquiries: 0800 085 3600 Royal Naval Museum: 023 9272 7562,

www.fl Royal Marines Museum: 023 9281 9385, RN Submarine Museum: 023 9252 9217,

6565, Imperial War Museum: 020 7416 5320,

Entries for the Deaths’ column and Swap Drafts in February’s Noticeboard must be received by January 11

Seafarers UK: 020 7932 0000, www.

NP 1042/OP Lecturer: Did you serve in Cambodia 1991-92 as part of NP 1042/OP Lecturer? Want to meet up with oppos and spin dits? RV likely to be in the south-west summer of 2011, all those interested please e-mail Tony Jacka at Anthony.jacka219@ or tel: 07919 292819.

JUNE 2011

S58 Class Artifi cer Apprentices: Calling all members of S58 Class. To commemorate

SEPTEMBER 2011 Ask Jack

7th Cruiser Squadron: I help to organise the East Kent branch of the Western Front Association. We have been contacted by a Dutch WFA member, Henk H M van der Linden, who has recently published a book in The Netherlands about the 7th Cruiser Squadron and the loss of three cruisers, Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy, to a German U-boat on September 22 1914. Henk recently visited the graves of some of the men in The Hague and found a wreath left by ‘The 7th Cruiser Squadron Foundation’. He would like to get in touch with this group, but has failed to fi nd out anything about them. If you are able to help contact Hazel Basford at or tel: 07768 872371.

annual reunion at The Langham Hotel, Eastbourne, from April 15 to 17. For details contact Sam Watson, chairman at or tel: 01634 235861.

the 45th anniversary of our joining the Royal Navy in September 1966, a reunion is to be held on September 17 in Portsmouth. Those interested please contact Colin Stokes at or tel: 01489 581432.

(SCU): By kind permission of the RSM and committee it is intended that CT/SCU reunion will be held in the WO & Sgt’s Mess, Ayios Nikolaos, Cyprus on the evening of September 22, 2011. Final details and price to be agreed in the spring. The evening will include an informal buffet; wives and partners will be welcome. Own accommodation to be arranged individually by attendees. Anyone desiring

CT/Special Communications Unit

Clamp at or tel: 01243 605832 or write 10 Grove Rd, Selsey, Sussex, PO20 0AS. With grateful thanks to our local organisers: WO1 CT Clint Eastwood and S/M Eric Hurst.

The World’s Oldest Military Association. The 124th RNWA Reunion Dinner takes place at WOs, SRs and SNCOs Mess, HMS Drake on October 14. Return transportation from Portsmouth available and accommodation in Plymouth or attend just for the reunion dinner. Serving and ex-serving Writers and serving Logisticians (Personnel) and guests welcome. For further information, contact: RNWA Secretary Les Heyhoe at les@heyhoe. com or tel 07950 934888.

Royal Naval Writers’ Association (RNWA): OCTOBER 2011 to attend please contact Eddie

£1,500 – Cdr I B Clarke; £500 – OMW1 D L Coleman. December 4: £5,000 – Mne L S Clarke;

Donnelly; £1,500 – A/LReg F G Barlow; £500 – Mne M L Ray. November 27: £5,000 – CPO A D High;

November 20: £5,000 – MEM1 A S

£1,500 – OMW1 C K Morris; £500 – CPOWEA D N Howe.

Talking Navy News goes digital

HMS Lowestoft – change of date: To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the fi rst commissioning a reunion has been arranged to take place at Chatham on October 28-29 2011. All who served in HMS Lowestoft during her 25 years in service (1961-86) are welcome to attend. For further details please contact Ian Mckenzie at ian.

or the website htm or tel: 01935 825672.

Navy News is available free of charge as a digital file on memory stick or email from Portsmouth Area Talking News for those with difficulty reading normal type. Contact 023 9269 0851 and leave a message with a contact number, or email patn-rec@hotmail. com. A speaker that will take a USB plug is required but this can be obtained from the Talking News, or the file can be played back through a computer.


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Cdre William John Keegan to Fleet CMR as Commander Maritime Reserves from March 8 2011.

to be promoted Vice Admiral and become Deputy CinC from January 18 2011. Cdre John M L Kingwell to become Commander Amphibious Task Group from January 12 2011. Cdre Paul Bennett to become Director

Rear Adm George Michael Zambellas

Naval Personnel Strategy from February 1 2011.

Squadron as Commodore Faslane Flotilla from March 8 2011. Cdre Duncan L Potts to be promoted Rear Admiral and to be Commander United

Cdre John K Moores to 1 Submarine

Kingdom Maritime Forces from January 26 2011.

Cdre Simon P Williams to BRNC Dartmouth as Commodore from February 22 2011. Cdr Louis M Wilson-Chalon to 815 Naval Air Squadron as CO from December 15 2010.


The winners of The Pacifi c competition that appeared in our November 2010 issue. Five DVD box sets to: Mr A D Stewart , Zeals, Wilts; B J Badger, Chippenham, Wilts; Philip R Jones, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks; Tel Cotter, Sittingbourne, Kent; A G Savage, HQ Helicopter Cmd, HQ Land Forces, Andover. Winning answer: ‘Operation Downfall’

Sports lottery


Bob Fossey. LME on board Cheviot 1952 and a member of the association. November 16.

Cyril James Thomas. Stoker Mechanic. Served on board Unicorn 1947-49. November 6. Aged 81. Kenneth John Hibbard. CPO PTI. Served as AB RP on board Loch Fada 1955-56 (o/c qualifi ed Clubswinger), also ships Indefatigable, Maidstone, Vigo, Daring, Whitby and Bulwark and establishments St Vincent, Vernon, Dryad, Collingwood, Mercury (twice), Terror, RNB(P), Fisguard and Harrier. Founder member of HMS Loch Fada Association. November 24. Aged 74. Rupert Price. L/AM(O). Served 1941-46 joining Lee on Solent Port Division aged 17. Spent time in Africa and Australia. Fleet Air Arm Association. Active member and carried out the yearly accounts audit for the Birmingham branch. October 23. Aged 87. E P Bufton. LST and Landing Craft Association. Served on board LCT 1102. September 28.

a total of 50 Hellcat, Corsair and Seafire fighters. Although the refineries were

protected by barrage balloons the attack was successful; unfortunately a total of 32 aircraft were lost to either enemy action or crash landings on return to the carriers.

raid was codenamed Operation Meridian One; Meridian Two took place on January 29 when a raid was carried out on the Japanese oil refineries at Soengi Gerong, also in Sumatra.


This attack was also successful, the Japanese losing

30 aircraft in combat with a further 38 being destroyed on the ground, while 16 British aircraft were lost. The

enemy attempted a

counter-attack, but this was beaten off by a combination of fighter cover and anti-aircraft fire.

H F A Giddings. LST and Landing Craft Association. Served with LCA Flotilla 513 and on board LSI(H) Brigadier. November 30.

Arthur ‘Bob’ George Keable. PO Coxswain. Served 1946-55 in Ganges, Whirlwind, Corunna, Jutland, Dolphin, Maidstone, Forth and submarines Acheron, Turpin, Talent, Scorcher; also as an Instructor at Ganges. March 22. Aged 79.

Dartford branch. Aged 83. Mick Coyle. Stoker. Served 1943-47 in Termagant (Far East and injured in action),

Defi ance. Dartford branch. Aged 88. June Gillam. WRNS. Served in Hornet.

ROYAL NAVAL ASSOCIATION Charles Brian Atkinson. Lt (SCC)RNR. Served RN 1945-48. Radar Gunner on board Sheffi eld. Involved with Basildon Sea Cadets in the late 1970s through the 1980s and gained his RYA Yachtmaster. Basildon branch RNA. November 1. Aged 82. Eric Faunch, DSM and Purple Heart. Served 1939-48 at Ganges and in Tyne, Maori (sunk Malta Harbour 1942), Medway (sunk off Alexandria 1942), Engadine and Norfolk (1944-46 Far East). Medically discharged. Lichfi eld branch. November 5. Aged 87. Winifred Irene Hartley. Associate member of Beccles branch. November 8. Aged 72. Edwin Pratt. Able Seaman. Served 1941-46 in Javelin, Berwick and Trespasser. Member of SOCA and North Russia Club. Nuneaton RNA. November 4. Aged 88. Derek Douglas Craig. RVM. Served as Leading Steward on board HMY Britannia 1973-94. Southern Ontario branch. November 27. Aged 57. Ann Vera Rolph. WRNS. Served in

Instructor and represented the Royal Marines in water polo. November 5. Aged 86. Anthony ‘Tony’ Frame. Leading Seaman. Served 1950-62 in Lynx, Venus, Cardigan Bay, Chivalrous and Daring. HMS Daring Association (1952-54). November 17. Aged 81.

Leonard ‘Len’ Wiggins. Coder. Served 1943-46 in Redmill (survivor) and Singapore Wireless Station. Captain Class Association. November 10. Aged 85. John A Grant RM. Flotilla Bosun. Served Chatham

1941-46. division. Swimming

Bulldog and Beagle; Russian Convoys and liberation of Channel Islands. Vice president No.8 Area, president and past chairman and welfare offi cer Stourbridge RNA also active member of SSAFA. November 12. Aged 85. Bernard ‘Bernie’ George Battrick. Chief Shipwright Artifi cer 1st Class. Served 1945- 69 in Victorious, Jamaica, Orion, Cumberland, Woodbridge Haven, Eastbourne, Wizard and Mull of Kintyre; also Drake, Lochinvar, Royal Arthur, Cochrane, Fisgard, and Ganges. Retired to Spain in 1986 and was an active member of the RNA. Founder member and past chairman of Moraira & District, Spain branch. November 17 in Denia, Spain. Aged 81.

SUBMARINERS ASSOCIATION W ‘Bill’ Bennett. CPO TGM. Submarine service 1942-46 in H32 and Universal. Essex branch. Aged 96. Cdre D ‘David’ Burns. Submarine service 1964-2000 in Astute, Andrew, Churchill and Spartan. Dolphin branch. Aged 66. C J ‘Charlie’ Deleay. AB ST. Submarine service 1942-46 in Tantalus. Essex branch. Aged 88.

H ‘Harry’ Edwards. L/Sto. Submarine service 1941-46 in Seadog, H28, L26 and Oberon1. Dolphin branch. Aged 87. R R ‘Roy’

Submarine service 1946-62 in Saga, Tiptoe, Tradewind, Spiteful, Thorough, Seascout, Scythian, Thule, Sentinel, Talent and Artemis. Poole & District branch. Aged 84. P J ‘Peter’ Parry. AB HSD. Submarine service 1943-46 in H32, Unseen and Affray. Welsh branch. Aged 86.

Oram. PO (2nd

Bill Cock. Sto1. Served in Welfare. September 14. Aged 74. Tom Keen. Sto1. Served in Fancy and Moon. October 14. Aged 83. Les Harris. Sto1. Served in Pluto,


Lysander and Mutine. October 23. Aged 78. Richard ‘Dick’ Richardson. AB. Served

in Albacore. Chairman. November 11. Aged 85.

Don Young. EM. Served in Chameleon. November 12. Aged 82. James Brown. AB. Served in Coquette. November 17. Aged 84.

HMS BELFAST ASSOCIATION David Gunstone. Served onboard as Chief GI 1959-61. May 27. James

board 1961-62. August 1. Ronald Hall. Served as Master at Arms on board 1944-47. September 2.

Mechanical E1 1961-62. July 31. David Caldecot. Served as Lieutenant on

Findlay. Served onboard as Cox’n).

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