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A Navy News Advertorial Feature Dyslexia help at Appleford

APPLEFORD School was established in 1988 by two experts in the fi eld: Gerald Trump who founded the fi rst school for dyslexic children in the UK and Dr Peter Gardner, a highly-qualifi ed and experienced psychologist and psychotherapist. Appleford’s aim is to provide a high-quality education for children aged seven to 14 with dyslexia and associated learning difficulties to include dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ASD and ADHD. To this end the school only accepts children with an appropriate assessment from an Educational Psychologist and/or a statement of special educational needs. The school is a co-educational

Live life to the full at Perrott Hill

“SCHOOLS now treat our children as though they are made of china,” wrote the author Conn Iggulden earlier this autumn. He raised concerns about teachers who worry about organising school trips for fear of litigation, about schools which avoid contact sports and even hesitate over traditional games such as conkers. It goes without

parents wish their children to be safe in their school environment, but we also have a duty to prepare them for future life where competition, risk and adventure are experienced on a regular basis. Creating an environment where the perceived danger is great, but the actual danger is small, is a fine art and one that is still alive at Perrott Hill. The school encourages the children to play in

the woods, to play games on a daily basis, to enjoy snowball fights when the weather allows (staff vs pupils being a favourite) and Perrott Hill has a talented and dedicated staff who ensure that these activities can occur with controlled risks. It is no coincidence that the children enjoy themselves, look forward to school and truly wish to learn.

saying that all teachers and

opportunity to experience as many different activities as possible, for if we cannot do this when they are young, when do we find the time? It strives to find something that each and every child can excel in; be it academic, sporting or artistic and when they achieve their goals the children feel good about themselves, they walk tall and, as a result, their performance improves in all aspects of school life.

very well-known public school in a quote from the 2010 Good Schools Guide review: “The Perrott Hill pupils who come to us have retained the wonder of childhood instead of parading themselves as young adults.”

The school invests time in teaching manners and the common courtesies which are so often overlooked in the rush of modern-day life. Children spend time learning about eye contact, greetings and opening doors; and how important

come and visit Perrott Hill and see for yourself what the school has to offer. Perrott Hill Open Mornings: Friday and Saturday

All this is best summed up by the Registrar of a

these skills will be as our children inherit the world in which we live. Perrott Hill endeavours to give the children the

In the words of the Good Schools Guide, Perrott Hill “is a traditional prep school of the best sort.” Rob Morse, the Headmaster, warmly invites you to

January 21 and 22. Perrott Hill Scholarship Day: Friday February 4. For further information please call Susan Cleary on 01460 72051 or e-mail her at admissions@

day and boarding school, and warmly welcomes


from children of families in the Services. The school is approved by

the Children’s Advisory Service.

Appleford encourages a broad and holistic concept of education and aims to provide small classes, individualised and differentiated teaching delivered by well- qualified and experienced teaching and learning support staff,


broad and balanced National Curriculum with an emphasis on literacy skills, a high level of pastoral support, experienced and caring Houseparents in homely and structured boarding houses designed to develop personal

Education organisation and lifeskills, an

extensive games and leisure activities programme and a strong professional support team. The school has a Christian character and close links with its local church. Nevertheless,

welcomes applications from all kinds of families, of disability,

religion, race and

ethnicity. However, due to the specific educational needs of the pupils,

Appleford regardless

the school can only accept children who have English as their first language. Appleford wants its children to realise their full potential and to develop self-respect, self-reliance and self-discipline.

The school aspires to return children to mainstream education where possible. It is Appleford’s desire to help

to lay the foundations for each and every child for a successful career and a happy, fulfilling life.

Children‛s Education Advisory Service


CEAS is here to help you! Contact us on:

Preparation for Life 01980 61 8244 or

A small, friendly school where pupils thrive. For further information about fee reductions for Service families or to arrange a visit, please contact admissions.

Co-educational Boarding and Day School Tavistock, Devon

E: T: 01822 813100

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