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PAGE SIZE continued
It’s very important that you set your page size correctly. If you
it’s best not don’t, parts of your design may be chopped off, look off-centre, or have
to put any
areas of undesired white space. Here’s what to do:
1. Locate the product size you’re interested in on page 32.
objects, such
2. Make a note of the Page Size. This is the size you should set your
as text or
page on your document.
logos, closer
3. Add a black (100K) Page Frame (0.25pt – approx. 0.1mm).
that 4mm
from the trim
4. Now look at the Trim Size. You’ll see that this is 3mm smaller on
both dimensions. This difference is known as the ‘bleed’ – 1.5mm on
edge, or from
all four sides – that’s approximately where our automated guillotines
any fold or
will make their cuts. The bleed allows for any small variations in
this cutting.
5. To remind yourself where the cuts will be made, you could add some
guidelines 1.5mm in from each edge on your document.
6. See the example on the previous page. For a business card, you’d
set your page size as 88x58mm. We’ll trim down to approximately
85x55mm. No objects must extend beyond the page size – use the
‘paste inside’, ‘clip’, or ‘crop’ tool.
if you’re
7. Finally, it’s good practice to leave a ‘Quiet Zone’ of 4mm (10mm
for Booklets and Posters) from the trim edge (that’s 5.5mm or
call us for
11.5mm from the page edge). The same goes for any folds or
creases. Avoid placing any important objects such as text or logos
within this quiet zone. This will make your job look more professional
and ensure objects don’t look like they’re about to fall off the edge.
Fold or perforation line
Document Page Size
you must supply to us
including 1.5mm bleed
Quiet Zone 4mm
Trim Size supplied
clearance from
to you after fi nishing
trim size and folds
for all important
0.25pt Black Page Frame
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