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Software changes incredibly frequently, so it’s best to call us
please send before you start work to check which versions we support. Please
us the always send us the native fi le from your application, not an EPS or PDF
native files
fi le, and make sure it is clearly labelled. To avoid confusion, it would be
from your
helpful if your disk contained only the relevant fi les you want printing.
We can accept fi les supplied by email, USB device or on a CD. If you are
using any other format please check with us fi rst.
not a PDF or
EPS file
We want your fi le to print the way that you want it to print. And more
than anything else, we want you to be happy with the work that we
produce for you. So, if there’s anything at all that you don’t understand
– give us a call (preferably before you start designing).
Chances are, if you’ve followed our advice (and remember, we’ve seen
we want you
thousands of fi les in our time – we know what works and what doesn’t),
to get the
your fi le will probably print just fi ne. But for your peace of mind, even if
best out of
you’re a design superstar, we’d recommend our Hand-Holding service.
For a small cost, we’ll check your fi le and help you achieve the results
your print,
you want – see page 4 for full details.
if you’ve got
any questions Remember to complete a File Supply Checklist to ensure you’ve not
please give us
missed anything prior to supplying your fi les to us (download a digital
a call
version from our website or copy the one on pages 34-35).
If someone else is creating the fi le, we strongly suggest you opt for our
‘Make it Work’ service. Alternatively, make them responsible for placing
the order, and paying for the print. That way, if their fi le turns out to be
incorrect (as they sometimes do), you won’t be stuck in the middle.
Why We Don’t Recommend PDF Files?Why
Your PDF may print fi ne on your desktop printer, but that doesn’t mean it will print properly
on our industrial presses. We much prefer the original artwork so we can turn it into a PDF
using our special process. This optimises your fi le to put “underpinning” in place. If you have
no alternative but to supply us with a PDF talk to us fi rst – it’s not ideal but we may be able to
‘make your fi le work’ – see p3 for more details. There are certain things we can’t check within a
PDF so there’s an element of risk involved. For complex items like cut-outs or spot UV, we have
to apply precise control information. Therefore PDFs are not acceptable for this kind of work.
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