This page contains a Flash digital edition of a book.
Some text effects in Quark and Freehand are unreliable so avoid
underline, shadow, strikethough, and false bold/italic options.
Include all fonts that you have used. Postscript fonts come in two
include allild
parts – the screen font and the printer font. We need both, so please
make sure you send both. True Type and Open Type fonts only come
fonts that
in one part. Where possible supply Postscript fonts as these are much
you have
more reliable in a prepress environment than True Type fonts, True Type
fonts have been known to cause more issues with embedding and
subsetting which can lead to unpredictable results. To comply with
the licence agreement, you should remove the fonts from your system
whilst we are processing your jobs.
If you are going “cross-platform”, ie. from PC to Mac, remember that
fonts don’t travel well. Check that we’ve got the same font and provide
we advise
hard copies. We’ll need you to check a proof carefully since even fonts
from the same place can have slight differences resulting in refl ow and
setting text
words disappearing.
in Photoshop
It’s fi ne to convert headlines and large text to curves, paths or outlines
(which means that you won’t need to supply the fonts). Avoid converting
large areas of body copy as this could make your fi le over-complicated.
We really advise against setting text in a bitmap application like
Photoshop – the text will not be nearly as clear as if it were vector
text from Illustrator or Freehand, say. Also, Photoshop by default does
not apply any trapping, and thus the chances of mis-registration are
Finally, don’t use “Multiple Master/Metric” fonts as they are not
compatible with our process. These fonts have ‘MM’ in their title.
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