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Traditional Caribbean Recipes
As a speciality and the national dish of Barbados, flying fish
This condiment is VERY
is lightly breaded, pan-fried and served as “Flying Fish Bajan HOT, and should be used
style” and served with cou cou, a unique blend of cornmeal
sparingly until you get
used to it. It will be
and okra mixed with salt, peppers and Bajan hot sauce. these
found on every table, for
sleek, silver-blue flying fish with fins that resemble dragonfly
every meal; it is part of
wings, propel themselves in the air at speeds up to 30 mph
the West Indian way of
life. It will also be added
to escape predators, much to the delight of sailors. Flying to soups, stews, curries
fish, which grow to around 15 inches long, live in the surface
and other cooking as a
cooking ingredient and with its unique flavour
waters of the ocean and do not actually fly. they leap into the
brings the true taste of the Caribbean to your
air and spread their enlarged pectoral fins allowing them to kitchen.
glide over the ocean’s surface at recorded distances of over 600
i n g r e d i e n t s
feet. If the unfortunate is unlucky enough to land on a deck
1 kg fresh hot chilli pepper (preferably a mix
of red, green yellow, mostly yellow scotch
it will quickly be transformed into a delicious breakfast. Many
transatlantic sailors have been rewarded with a fresh donation
/2 cup onion, finely chopped
to their depleted larder in the form of landed flying fish during
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
3 tablespoons fresh finely chopped pawpaw,
the night.
unripe green (papaya)
salt fish, occasionally mackerel but usually cod, is another
/2 teaspoon turmeric
speciality of the region, and is popular throughout the
/2 teaspoons salt
/4 cup malt vinegar
Caribbean. originally a method of preserving food, salting is
Stem and seed peppers with caution. Plastic
a centuries-old process, and one which was used especially
gloves should be worn as the oil from the peppers
during long ocean voyages. Jamaica’s national dish is salt Cod has been known to blister skin.
and plantains with ackee, a bright red fruit that grows on trees
Combine all ingredients in small/medium pot,
stirring constantly. Bring to boil over high heat
that reach about 30 feet high. the fruit ripen to reveal pods of
and cook briefly and briskly for 1 minute, until
yellow edible ackee, each with a black seed.
onion is transparent and peppers soft and limp.
A typical recipe for this Jamaican dish might be combining
Add more vinegar if needed. Pour contents into
blender and blend at high speed until pulverised.
1lb of salt codfish, previously soaked, in a pan with three large The texture is dependent on your preference – you
tomatoes and a large fried onion: season
can make it smooth by blending for a little longer.
Cool at room temperature. Pour into cleaned,
with black pepper and hot pickled
boiled and sterilized jar.
peppers, toss in a handful of ackees,
and serve with sliced fried plantains
and boiled green banana. Bacon can be
i n g r e d i e n t s
substituted for the salted cod, resulting 1 lb conch meat
in a flavour and texture somewhat
/2 large onion
2 stalks celery
like scrambled eggs – delicious! It’s an 1
/2 red pepper
ultimate favourite as a start to the day in
/2 green pepper
Jamaica, especially when the ackees are
Salt to taste
1 egg
fresh – there is nothing quite like this.
/3 cup selfraising cornmeal
one of the most popular and probably
/3 cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
Salt fish, peppers one of the most commonly known dishes is the Jamaican spicy 1
/4 cup buttermilk
and ackees served
jerk chicken, and for many people this sums up the true flavour
/4 tsp hot sauce
with Caribbean-style
of the Caribbean. But ask any West Indian and they’ll tell you
Put conch through food grinder or food
vegetable dumpling.
that there’s a lot more to Caribbean cuisine than jerk chicken.
processor. Process the onion, celery, red and
the islands, tropical fruits, roots, and a bewildering range of
green pepper and mix with conch, adding salt
and egg. Mix well. Mix together cornmeal, flour
ingredients and techniques from around the world combine and baking powder. Add conch mixture. Mixture
with the ethnic and cultural diversity of the region to integrate
should be thick. Add buttermilk and hot
sauce. Drop by heaping tablespoon into deep oil
the international with the exotic, and create an exciting range
until light brown. Drain. Serve with mayonnaise
of hybrid cuisines that is Caribbean cooking. and lime juice, and a jar of hot sauce on the side.
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