IoT into the design practice, leveraging IoT data across the enterprise; data management, across the business, mean- ing access to the full product definition, combined with aggregated information from the enterprise and external systems—ERP, MES, CRM; Product as a Service; and Visual Decision Making,” PTC’s Mark Taber said. “The industry shifts are creating new business models, and

manufacturers are moving from delivering a product to be serviced to delivering smart, connected products as a service (PaaS),” he said. “IDC says that by 2018, 40% of the top 100 discrete manufacturers and 20% of the top 100 process man- ufacturers will provide PaaS platforms. Connected products and connected customers help fuel innovation. This connec- tivity also means continuous product improvements through software upgrades during the lifecycle of the product.” As augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

become more mainstream and accessible, Taber said, the design review process in product development will be radically transformed by the ability to integrate data from different sources, providing intuitive 3D experiences to the reviewers while connected to their product development systems environment.

The digital thread With the push toward digitization in all of manufactur- ing, PLM providers need to work with users to improve overall automation processes. As products increasingly become more complex, PLM providers must supply the proper tools for designers and engineers to be able to cap- ture ideas digitally, Siemens PLM Software’s Aaron Frankel

To help accelerate innovation, Callaway Golf uses Siemens PLM Software’s Shop Floor Connect for Teamcenter from Sie- mens PLM Software to connect a digital thread from product design all the way to point of execution on the shop floor.

said. “We’re trying to support the ability to enable people to do more complex designs, and to create products that do more things,” he said, “where we see the marriage of mechanical and digital technologies coming together.” An interesting challenge for PLM developers is being

able to not only manage the mechanical design of the product but also look at products from a systems perspec- tive, he said. “You have to be able to manage the designs of all the systems, not just the physical aspects of the sys- tems but the digital, and to be able to design and simulate all of that so that you know how it’s going to behave in the real world, and then be able to create the manufacturing process and the production system, to be able to build it and make it. As products become more complex, production systems

are becoming more complex and intelligent, he said. “We see an increased interest in application of sensors

and devices in the manufacturing environment that are now collecting information and data from the real-world environment and how those devices and the equipment and processes are performing. And we as PLM compa- nies are coming up with ways to look into that data and find the data that is meaningful, and extract meaning from it so that we can make better decisions on how to improve performance.” Some recent enabling technologies include Simcenter,

a suite of simulation software and test solutions Siemens launched in June, aimed at addressing engineering chal- lenges of designing highly complex products. Simcenter combines simulation and physical testing with intelligent


Fall 2016

Image courtesy Siemens PLM Software

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