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Curling Club ready to host

USWCA Senior Bonspiel

By Jane Wilson, On-site chair

2016 USWCA Scot Tour members include (front, l-r) Vietta Kampen, Linda Christensen, Stacie Pin- navaia, Kathy Hyslop (captain), Maryanne Wessels, (second row, l-r) Beth Lepping, Mary Glowacki, Cheryl Drake, Shelley Dropkin, Sally Augustin, Gwen Krailo-Lyons, Carol Ann Naso, Donna Pearson, (third row, l-r) Sandy Bromenschenkel, Karen Brattesani, Tracy Lawless, Jacquelyn Rizzo-Schmidt, Nancy Drischler, Lisa Johnson, and Julie Denten.

2016 USWCA Scot Tour team is on its way

By Star Pfiffner, USWCA

Nov. 4. Te long awaited tour, which features three weeks of curling against women’s teams throughout Scotland, happens every 10 years. Te USWCA Scot Tour committee spent the bet- ter part of a year reviewing and selecting can- didates, narrowing a very talented field down to only 20 women, from 20 different USWCA clubs across the United States. Te team met in Milwaukee in September to finalize travel plans, practice their tour songs, and start on their team


bonding. t 5FBN 0OF is Shelley Dropkin (Broom- stones), Karen Brattesani (Granite CC), Beth Lepping (Madison CC), Cheryl Drake (Mayfield CC).

t 5FBN 5XP is Tracy Lawless (Exmoor CC), CarolAnn Naso (Coyotes CC), Kathy Hyslop (Kettle Moraine CC), Jac- queline Rizzo-Schmidt (Utica CC).

t 5FBN ćSFF is Vietta Kampen (Portage CC), Julie Denten (Chicago), Sandra Bromenschenkel (Itasca CC), Nancy

he ladies of the United States Women’s Curling Association (USWCA) Scot Tour are on their way to Scotland on

Drischler (Albany CC).

t 5FBN 'PVS is Sally Augustin (St. Paul CC), Mary Glowacki (Bowling Green CC), Gwen Krailo-Lyons (Nashua CC), Donna Pearson (Grand Forks CC).

t 5FBN'JWF is Linda Christensen (Duluth CC), Lisa Johnson (Racine CC), Mary- ann Wessels (Detroit CC), Stacie Pin- navaia (Charlotte CC).

Te tour captain is Kathy Hyslop and the vice

captain is Donna Pearson. Tey will compete in 20 curling games during the three-week tour. Q

Stay connected with the Scot Tour!

Please follow the Scot Tour online through-

out November: t


Follow #uswcascottour2016 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Link to our Facebook group, https://www. And as always, check the USWCA home page

for all Tour and USWCA related information at

USA Curling (( 19

CA) 35th Annual Senior Women’s National Bon- spiel, “Te Calling of the Clans” Nov. 30-Dec. 4, in Triumph, Ill. Previously, WCC hosted the US- WCA National Bonspiel in 1996. Waltham is the oldest curling club in Illinois,


founded in 1884 by Scottish farmers in Waltham Township. Te club will highlight its Scottish heritage throughout the bonspiel with the wear- ing of the Tartans. A bagpiper will play at the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday evening and again at the finals on Sunday. Te banquet will feature Celtic music. Triumph is a small town near the intersection

of Interstates 39 and 80 in north central Illinois, a two-hour drive south of Chicago O’Hare and Midway airports. Smaller airlines fly into Rock- ford one hour to the north and Bloomington one hour to the south. Te club is unable to provide transportation to and from the airports but rent- al cars are easily available. Te curling club is easy to find, as it is locat-

ed at the base of the largest of the town’s grain bins. Triumph is a farming community and the Waltham Club is oſten called the “Curling Club in the Cornfield” and a “real country club.” Te club pin features an ear of corn and crossed brooms. So, get your plaid on and come join us. We

look forward to hosting this wonderful opportu- nity for senior women’s curling. Q

he Waltham Curling Club (WCC) is pleased to host the United States Women’s Curling Association (USW-

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