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Cadillac Casting (Cadillac, Michi- gan)was one of 21 companies recog- nized by Meritor (Troy, Michigan) with a Supplier Partner Award. Cadillac was honored because it exceeded Meritor’s requirements for excellence in quality, delivery, cost savings and innovation. “Cadillac Casting is very proud to receive recognition from Meritor as the 2016 Foundry Supplier of the Year,” said Kyle Klein, vice president business development, Cadillac. “T is award validates Cadillac Casting’s outstanding eff orts to support our customers with quality, delivery, and customer service. Our partnership with Meritor continues to strengthen, and we are very apprecia- tive of their continued support.”

Fairfi eld Aluminum Castings

Company (Fairfi eld, Iowa) has retained Equity Partners HP to seek refi nanc- ing or a buyer for the 70-year-old aluminum metalcaster, specializing in sand and permanent mold prod- ucts. Fairfi eld provides customers with turnkey products, off ering pattern making, assembly, machining, coating, inserting, heat treating, pressure testing, impregnating, and other value add cast- ing operations.

Equipment Manufacturers Interna-

tional Inc. (Cleveland), which designs and manufactures casting equipment including molding and mold handling, core making, and automation technolo- gies, has executed a long-term partner- ship agreement with Küttner Holding GmbH (Küttner) and Savelli Tech- nologies (SavTech). Recently, Küttner and SavTech completed a purchase agreement that expands both companies’ global platform.

KERAMIDA Inc., a global EHS and sustainability consulting fi rm, has acquired Compliance Administrators & Project Services, Inc. (CAPs) in Los Angeles and Renovitas inSacramento and established a California offi ce with foundry consulting specialties. KERAMIDA added nearly 20 technical staff in 2016 and expects to add another 20 in 2017.

Bodycote (Macclesfi eld, England),

a heat treating services provider, an- nounced its Nogent location is the fi rst facility in France to earn PRI’s MedAccred accreditation.

Chem-Trend (Howell, Michigan),

which develops, manufactures and mar- kets release agents, purging compounds and other ancillary molding products, announced the acquisition of the release agent business of its long-time distribu- tion partner in Romania,Rubio Trading & Consulting SRL.

B&L Information Systems

(Bridgman, Michigan), a provider of ERP software for metalcasters, was given Progress Software’s 2016 SaaS Excellence Award. T is annual award is given to only one of the more than 2,500 Progress Global Business

Dross BossTM Recovery Units

Fully Automatic 125 - 150# Auto Car All machine motions arel

powered by electriicity s Me allic recove y willerry will

po ered by electr city Metallic recot

ttypically a erage +70% of total aluminum dross content, leaving 10% in

Fully Automatic 125 - 150# Auto Cart s Al machine motions are

ypically average +70% of total aluminum dross content, leaving 10% in p ocessed materiialprocessed materr


s Manual labor has been eliminated excep for initialxcept ft or initial ttransfer of dross

ransfer of dross Manual Dross Recovery Units

DB Manual Carts s Basic Model will accept Reaction Vessel sizes of 20-60# Capacity

DB Barrel Units s Customers typically

recover their investment in less than 6 months

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partners that demonstrate technology- forward, cloud-based and industry leading software solutions.

Sinterite (St. Marys, Pennsylvania) announced the recent installation of a continuous belt furnace at the Air Liquide Shanghai Research & Tech- nology Center in China. T e furnace will be utilized for development of the client’s sintering, brazing, annealing and heat treatment applications.

Norican Global (Taastrup,

Denmark), a metallic parts enhance- ment company, announced that the company has entered into a binding agreement with Auctus Fund III GmbH & Co. KG, and its fellow investors to purchase 100% of their shares in Light Metal Casting So- lutions Group.

Aluminum Melt Quality Control Equipment

T.R. . Vacuum Tester eatures preciset

.R.P. Vacuum Tester s Fea ures precise

con rol of vacuum evel without

control of vt lle el without

ope ator controloperrator control

s Resultant accuracy contr butes applications for end products which

Resultant accuracy contriibutes to process control of melting

require optimum melt quality

QCD-1 PM System Measurement” yields


QCD-1 PM System s The resultant “Porosity high & low process limit

s Eliminates the need to cut & polish the sample to yield a very subjective estimation of gas level

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April 2017 MODERN CASTING | 13 acuum

The resultant “Porosity Measurement” yields high & low process limit controls

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