Inside Trip by WIN Publisher I

hope by the time you read this the NCAA has taken a daring and historic step to help their

Division I Championships go to a completely different level when they selected sites for the 2019-2022 NCAAs, including holding the event in a dome. If you watched the 2017

NCAAs on television or online, or were there in person, I think you’ll agree the tournament and sport as a whole is ready to create a new and improved showcase. Here’s why: demand for tickets, exploding media coverage and an exceptional product. The million-dollar question is

how many people would attend if the NCAAs were held in a dome? My guess would be around 25,000 FXUUHQWO\ MXVW XQGHU


\HDU $QG ÀYH \HDUV IURP QRZ LQ the right location, I think it could be 30,000-40,000 a session! Exploding media coverage of

the NCAAs from ESPN, online from

websites like TrackWrestling and FloWrestling, and in print through magazines like WIN, USA Wrestler/ WIN Magazine Edition, other publica- tions and even some newspapers all promote the sport and help it grow. The product is better because

the rules have improved. Stalling is called more aggressively, which has led to more action and scoring. A dome would also greatly

EHQHÀW WKH 1&$$·V )DQ )HVWLYDO which the WIN Magazine Memora- bilia Show has been apart of since 2011. Over 24,000 fans attended the Fan Fest this year to hang out with friends and grab a bite to eat while they watch USA Wrestling’s World Team practices, buy apparel, see memorabilia and talk about the morning’s action. What if fans at this new “wrestling festival” never had to actually leave the building all day? What would happen to the

sport if the momentum around it was so great due to the NCAAs

Bryan Van Kley NCAA Wrestling can trump Final Four

moving to a dome, ESPN covering every session live on its main channel because of demand, and attendance surpassing the Final Four? I think you get the picture. It’s time for change!

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post-NCAA Championships issue of USA Wrestler/WIN MagazineEdition that both gives you a quick recap of that event, helps you to get to know some of the top stars at various levels of all age groups in USA Wrestling and prepares you for an ac- tion-packed spring and summer. We at WIN have enjoyed working with USA Wrestling to create a product that covers the sport and its athletes in an exciting and engaging manner. USA Wrestler will next arrive

in your mailbox in late July, followed by an October issue. WIN’s monthly magazines can keep you updated between those issues. The back cover WIN subscription ad reminds USAW

Bryan Van Kley

members of the upgrade options. In addition to the Hodge, WIN

also presents the following awards: Junior Hodge for the most dominant high school wrestler; Coach of the Year for the top college coach; Schalles and Junior Schalles Awards for the top college and prep pinners; an Impact of the Year Award; and a Journalist of the Year Award. To nominate someone for these awards, send an e-mail to Info@WIN-maga- by May 8 and put the award name in the subject line. Q


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