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Who will punch their tickets to 2017 UWW World Championships after World Team Trials?

SA Wrestling chose to separate the qualifying processes in Greco-Roman and women’s freestyle — which will be decided April 28-29 in Las Vegas — from men’s freestyle — deter- mined June 10 in Lincoln, Neb.

The following is a closer look at each of the World Team Trials,

which will eventually send 24 men and women to the United World Wres- tling World Championships, Aug. 21-26, in Paris, France.

Greco-Roman and Women’s Freestyle The top seeds for the 2017 World Team Trials were determined at

the U.S. Nationals, which were held Dec. 17-18 in Las Vegas. The following wrestlers won championships at this U.S. Open in

both styles: Greco-Roman: 59 kg/130 — Hayden Tuma (U.S. Army WCAP);

66 kg/145 — Ellis Coleman (U.S. Army WCAP); 71 kg/156 — Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm); 75 kg/165 — Kamal Bey (Sunkist Kids); 80 kg/176 — Cheney Haight (NYAC); 85 kg/187 — Kevin Radford (Sunk-


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ist Kids); 98 kg/215.5 — G’Angelo Hancock (NYAC); 130 kg/286 — Toby Erickson (Army WCAP). Women’s Freestyle: 48 kg/105.5 — Victoria

Anthony (Sunkist Kids); 53 kg/116.5 — Whitney Cond- er (U.S. Army WCAP); 55 kg/121 — Kelsey Campbell (Sunkist Kids); 58 kg/128 — Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids); 60 kg/132 — Jenna Burkert (U.S. Army WCAP); 63 kg/138.75 — Jennifer Page (Titan Mercury WC); 69 kg/152 — Elena Pirozhkova (Titan Mercury WC); 75 kg/165 — Erin Clodgo (Sunkist Kids) Bey and Page were named the Outstanding Wres-

tlers in Greco and women’s freestyle at the U.S. Open. Half the weights per style will be decided on each

day with the best 2-of-3 Championship Series matches EHWZHHQ 7ULDOV À QDOLVWV KHOG DW


and 6 p.m. on April 29. Helen Maroulis, an Olympic gold medalist, or 2016 World silver medalist Alli Ragan would earn automatic spots in the Championship Series if they enter at their 2016 weight classes.

Jennifer Page

Men’s Freestyle USA Wrestling will hold the U.S. Nationals for men’s freestyle in Las

Vegas the same weekend as the World Team Trials for Greco-Roman and women’s freestyle at the South Point Hotel and Casino. The top wrestlers at this year’s Open will also determine seedings for

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the World Team Trials, held in Lincoln, Neb. All eight weight classes will be determined on Saturday, June 10. According to USA Wrestling Rules, any wrestler who placed at either the Rio Olympics (gold by Kyle Snyder at 213.5 pounds and bronze by J’den Cox at 189) or the non-Olympic weight World Championships (gold medalist Logan Stieber at 134 pounds) earns a spot in the best 2-of-3 Championship Series. Otherwise, wres- WOHUV PXVW À QLVK LQ WKH WRS WZR RI WKH 7ULDOV &KDOOHQJH Tournament, which will start earlier that day. The following were the No. 1 guys in USAW’s

March rankings for freestyle: 57kg/125.5 — Anthony Ramos (Sunkist Kids); 61kg/134 — Logan Stieber (Titan Mercury WC); 65kg/143 — Frank Molinaro (Nittany Lion WC); 70kg/154 — James Green (Titan Mercury WC); 74kg/163 — Jordan Burroughs (Sunkist Kids); 86kg/189 — J’den Cox (Missouri WF); 97kg/213 — Kyle Snyder (Titan Mercury WC; 125kg/275 — Zach Rey (Lehigh Valley WC). Score-Clocks Sports Technologies

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UWW adds weights in 2018 United World Wrestling announced in March that two weight classes

will be added to each of the three styles beginning Jan. 1, 2018, but will not announce those new weights until the 2017 World Championships. Also, future World/Olympic championships will be a two-day format. Q

Logan Stieber Paris Kamal Bey

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