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23 f 12 shots from the fRoots

Rocket Launcher a dozen leading questions to fire at Ian Lynch

If you were given the funds to organise a concert bill, who would the artists be?

Richard Dawson, Katie Kim, Rudimenta- ry Peni, Danny Brown, Sleaford Mods, Damien Dempsey, Ails, Sunn O))), Brian Eno, Lönndom, Adam Green, Goat, Moor Mother, Unit Black Flight, Susanne Sundfør, Neurosis, Grouper and the Jimmy Cake. They could all play about a half a song each. With no soundcheck.

Which totally obscure record do you most treasure and would like more people to know about?

The Stone In The Field by Dublin piper

Tommy Reck, one of the most beautiful solo piping LPs ever recorded. To this day he is the only piper I’ve heard whose music made me cry.

What was the best live gig you ever saw?

Probably Wardruna at Roadburn 2011. One of the most atmospheric things I’ve ever experienced.

And what was the worst?

I won’t say who it was, but I played a gig with one of my all time heroes and biggest influences in 2011. He wasn’t really on form and was messing up some of his songs and to make things worse his drunk- en girlfriend was abusing him from the floor and giving him stick for the bits he was getting wrong. It was really sad to see…

What was your own best ever gig?

Vicar St in Dublin last year. It felt like the entire audience was made up of friends and family members. There was dancing, singing along, messing, laughing and crying and the crowd banter/abuse was absolutely top-notch. I couldn’t sleep for about two days afterwards.

And what was your worst?

I was going to say it was the squat in Oslo where my teeth were smashed after a room of punks on speed started a moshpit to a set of jigs and one of them knocked the mic into my mouth, but it was actually at a Shakespearian-themed pub in South Ore- gon in 2013. We played for tips to an empty pub and were treated in a condescending manner by staff dressed in green tights and tunics. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of Shakespeare, but that gig was not good.

What’s the professional achievement you’re most proud of?

I managed to teach third level students and get an MLitt while raising a two-year-old.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you ever did in public?

I’ve partaken in my share of socially unacceptable acts of public indecency, but I

can’t say that any of them have ever embar- rassed me… About nine years ago though I had a bit of a mental breakdown and con- vinced myself that it was time to grow up and be a civilian. For about a week I tried to dress like a ‘lad’ and be ‘normal’. That embarrasses me. My face is actually going red just typing this out.

Which song or piece of music would you most like to have written yourself?

I’ve never thought about anyone else’s music like this, but for the sake of the inter- view I’ll say It’s All Good by Damien Dempsey – one of the most inspiring and positive songs I’ve ever heard. Hearing thousands of his fans singing the line “Love yourself today…” at the end of his gigs always brings tears to my eyes.

Who was the first musician or singer you were inspired to emulate?

Michael Jackson.

Who was the last-but-one musician or singer you lusted after?

Probably most of them. Especially Damien Dempsey.

If you had a rocket launcher, who or what would be the target, and why?

I can’t imagine aiming a rocket launch- er at anyone or anything and I fail to see how such an act of violence could lead to any positive result in the long run. At a push though I’d have say the entire human race. Just to be fair and give other life forms a chance like.

Lankum, formerly Lynched (fR398/399) are currently touring to promote their new Rough Trade album Between The Earth And Sky, which you can find reviewed this issue.


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