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ACOUSTIC CLASSICS II Beeswing On the heels of the success of Acoustic Classics in 2014, this equally essential second volume, Acoustic Classics II, features formidable acoustic renderings of classic songs from the Richard Thompson catalogue, some previously recorded by other singers and some previously only available in band format. Thompson is on peerless form throughout.


BRIDGING THE GAPS Neon Records This 2-disc set completes the availability of Rab Noakes’ back catalogue on CD. Bridging The Gaps contains the 1972 album Rab Noakes which was originally issued on A&M Records, 1978’s Restless on Ring O’Records and the 1980 album Rab Noakes on MCA Records. The tracks from all three LPs are placed chronologically and include bonus tracks.


WANDERER Charcoal Records One of the most celebrated singers in Irish Folk music, Cara Dillon delivers yet another career classic. This time the mood is stripped back and relaxed, the songs are beautiful and at times pensive with every moment thoroughly self-assured. It should be held aloft as a shining example of how to combine intimate performances and simple arrangements to create a sincere and understated work of art.


FAREWELL TO MY OLD DAYS White Mane Records The debut album by Sam Brothers, the Brighton-based Folk troubadour. Sam’s music is exceptional – gentle, sensitive, folk ballads sit alongside passionate, driven Blues and Roots laments, with everything underscored by his astonishing guitar playing, providing the focus for his incredible voice that can shift from a sweet, gentle sigh to a passionate roar in a heartbeat. Think Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley and you’ll be somewhere close.

STRANGERS Hereteu Records Twice BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards Best Group winners (2015 and 2016), The Young‘Uns’ fourth album is a collection of folk songs for our times – a homage to the outsider, a eulogy for the wayfarer and a hymn for the migrant.

“The harmonies are glorious, the wit is waspish. The songs are powerful, the banter is relentless and the audience is happy. What’s not to like?” COLIN IRWIN, THE GUARDIAN


SAME AS I EVER HAVE BEEN Black Hen Music Same As I Have Ever Been is a mix of Honky-Tonk, Blues, Celtic and Folk. Patershuk and producer/guitarist Dawson enlisted the skills of legendary drummer Jay Bellerose (T-Bone Burnett, Joe Henry), John Reischman (mandolin), Ana Egge (vocals), Chris Gestrin (keyboards), and Jeremy Holmes (bass). Recorded together in the same room, this created a vibe that resulted in some truly magical moments.


KIN SONIC Glitterbeat With their second album Kin Sonic, Jupiter & Okwess transcend the Congo’s unexplored musical heritage and dive into a pool of modernity. Every song on Kin Sonic presents its own slice of life, its own bundle of thoughts and reflections, its own singularity. But also its own slice of universality, augmented by the violin of Warren Ellis and the keyboards of Damon Albarn.



CHRISTMAS CARAVAN McKhool World Music Christmas featuring special guests Richard Bona, Ruben Blades, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Alex Cuba, Turkish Strings, Nikki Yanofsky, Paddy Moloney and more! For January & February UK tour dates visit:


GREATEST HITS Charl As part of the 60th anniversary of the release of Johnny Cash’s first LP in 1957, Sun Records and Charly Records are proud to present the very best of the iconic singer’s 7-inch hit singles on Sun including: ‘I Walk The Line’, ‘Cry! Cry! Cry!’, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’, ‘Ballad Of A Teenage Queen’, ‘Home Of The Blues’, and many, many more.


WINTERFOLK No Masters Cooperative WinterFolk is a collection of original, contemporary and traditional winter songs by “one of British Folk Music’s mightiest combinations” (MOJO); Belinda O’Hooley & Heidi Tidow. The album reflects on some of the darker hued aspects of yuletide. It considers the season in an alternative, real way, from the absence or loss of children, through domestic violence at Christmas, to global warming to poverty, religion, displacement, migration and loneliness.


RIVER Dharma Records The most mature work yet of an artist renowned for her intoxicating blend of acoustic and electronic ingredients, River depicts Henwood’s lifelong relationship with the rivers and seas that flow into her creativity. Its alt-folk essence is illuminated with shades of sophisticated jazz and low-key electronica, on a record of dark hues and discreet optimism.


SHEARWATER Talking Elephant Martin Carthy recorded Shearwater in 1971, just after leaving Steeleye Span for the first time. His albums with them at the start of their career, Please To See The King, Ten Man Mop and Mr Reservoir Butler Rides Again have just been reissued on Talking Elephant.


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