The Ins & Outs of Competing During COVID-19, continued...

is ample space around each trailer with the horses tied to it to allow a healthy separation. We never borrow equipment and once our riders are up and mounted, they are more than six feet away from anyone else. So our protocol as com- petitors will not change.” Debbie Worrell of T e

Pony Place wrote, “I’ve been to a few shows, [there are] signs about social distancing,


Everyone kept their distance, and all went beautifully.” Alesse Coover posted, “As a competitor? Yes.

I generally didn’t hang too close to others to be- gin with.” Erica Gregg agreed stating, “I com- peted at Plantation Field HT. Everyone kept to social distancing protocols and wore masks when not riding and around other people. Ev- eryone was super cheerful and respectful, and it was really a comforting atmosphere.” Del Grosso, who is a dressage competitor as

well as an organizer is also eager to get back into the sand box. “I travel by myself and am my own little unit. I am rarely on the show grounds for more than two hours anyway!” Moore reported that the McDonogh show team also looks forward to competing again but will be staying local this season. “Normally we’d be going to Lexington, Virginia, and other overnight shows but no one wants to stay in a hotel right now,” he said. Judge and trainer Nancy Dawn Ashway of Country Comfort Farm said, “I feel comfortable

Organizers highly recommend plac- ing ribbons outside and having a “self serve” system for competitor pick up.

going to shows as long as certain safety policies are practiced. I feel managers must keep strict regula- tions in practice at all times.” She added, “I plan on judging and taking clients [to shows] as long as there is not another outbreak in our area.


have purchased a camper and will be staying in that rather than hotels.”

Protecting the Volunteers

Yes, in order for a horse show or event to be suc-

cessful, it needs organizers and it needs com- petitors, but more importantly, it needs volun- teers. Often working silently behind the scenes, volunteers are essential; equestrian competi- tions simply cannot take place without a team

of volunteers keeping the gears running. T us we also asked our readers, “is anyone concerned about volunteering during COVID-19?” “Our volunteers want to come, which is won-

derful!” Mackintosh reported. She is working on putting together volunteer bags that include a face shield and hand sanitizer. She also plans to have volunteers from the Red Cross sta- tioned to monitor temperatures of all offi cials and volunteers, per USEF protocol. Butts also will have a team of EMTs in place

at two key checkpoints on the property during Waredaca’s events. “T ey will be handling tem- perature checks for everyone who comes onto the property and doing any necessary contact tracing,” she explained. Because Waredaca is located in Montgomery County, which is one of the COVID-19 “hotspots” in the state, Butts is proceeding with extreme caution. “Even though the USEF says competitors can be [temperature] checked at random, we are test- ing every person.” Even with face shields, hand sanitizer and plexiglass, some volunteers are more hesitant to step up during COVID-19. “I’m not sure how comfortable I’d feel as a volun- teer,” Gaudet Equis posted on our Facebook page. While oth- ers such as Adel Richardson and Wendy Watson posted that they are

“very” comfortable volun-

Spreading out port-a-johns and setting up extra hand washing stations is also recommended by show organizers.

teering during COVID-19. T en there is Janice Binkley who seemed to sum up the gen- eral consensus on competitions during COVID-19 when she posted, “as a rider, coach and volunteer, I feel totally comfort- able.”

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