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Transitions I feel that saying we are living in extraordinary times is getting quite old, but the last month has proven that once again. When we went to press 30 days ago on the June edition of Te Equiery we were starting to come out of the COVID-19 lockdown and there were glimpses of normalcy on the horizon for the Maryland horse community. Barns and trails started to open up and we were working with the horse show community to plan safely starting their shows and events back up. While these trends have generally continued and things are starting to get closer to normal there have been new issues that we have had to address. For the Maryland Horse Council family one of these events was the

resignation of Carrie Hull as Executive Director of the Maryland Horse Council. As our first full-time association manager, Carrie was with the MHC for almost 18 months. We value the work she has done to move us forward in those 18 months and wish her well in her new position as Executive Director of the Great Meadow Foundation in Virginia. As we evaluate next steps for the Maryland Horse Council we greatly ap- preciate Carrie’s feedback on how we can move forward with an effective management structure for MHC, Te Equiery and METS. Te MHC Executive Committee is evaluating several options for this and will have an update at our virtual quarterly Board meeting on July 29.

The New Normal At the end of May, MHC hosted our second COVID-19 Virtual Town

Hall. Tis time the topic was on legal and insurance issues relating to the pandemic. Once again, the on-line meeting was well attended and we thank our speakers for their great presentations and responses to ques- tions, as well as our members for attending. We have a full write-up on page 28 in this edition. We are also happy to see so many people “Out and About” and to see

our great horse farms and facilities putting on shows with new processes and procedures to make sure that everyone is safe. Check out the Out and About section and our articles on Competing post COVID in this

issue as well.

Racial Equality in Equine Sports On June 11, after an extended discussion with staff members and

some members of our Executive and Legislative committee, the Mary- land Horse Council posted a message on social media supporting the US Equestrian Federation’s statement against racism. Te intense na- tional and international focus on racial issues over the last month had turned our attention to racism and inclusivity within the Maryland horse community, and we felt that as the primary organization that represents the entire horse community in Maryland, the Maryland Horse Council should make a statement. As the USEF not only summarized our collec- tive feelings about racism, but also put forward solid proposals that we as a community can put into action, we decided that we should endorse their statement. Te response to the post on both the MHC Facebook page and Te

Equiery’s FB page where it was also shared, was overwhelmingly positive and we thank our readers for their support and for reading the entire post. A small minority of readers made negative comments which did not appear to be directed at our post or the USEF statement but at the use of the Black Lives Matter image that we posted with the statement. We regret that the use of the graphic may have been distracting from the substance and purpose of our post and hope that everyone will find time to read the entire post, including the USEF statement. Tis is an important conversation for our community and our country to have and we will continue to make it a priority in our Maryland horse community.

Next Up... Please put our virtual Quarterly Board Meeting on your calendars

for 7-9PM on July 29. Tis will be a virtual meeting using Zoom, and we will provide an update on all of the items in this column as well as important information about a proposed amendment to our Bylaws and upcoming Board of Directors elections. We will be posting information about signing up for the meeting soon.

Like all primarily volunteer membership organizations, we constantly work to grow. Without dues-paying members, we would not exist. Without people willing to take on leadership roles, we would be silent. We hope that you will join or renew your membership, encourage your friends to join our work, come to our Quarterly meetings, and look through our website to see where you can lend your talents to what we are doing. We look forward to working with you in service to the horse and Maryland’s equestrian community.

MHC Represents You!

Next MHC Quarterly Meeting is July 29 from 7pm to 9pm via Join the Maryland Horse Council and have your voice heard.

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