The Ins & Outs of Competing During COVID-19, continued... what unfolds.”

July. “We will not be running the cross-country courses through the rings like we usually do and are spreading out dressage rings to keep fewer people in each warm up area,” she added. Mackintosh is also creating a series of travel lanes from ring to ring to keep the flow of traffic moving in one direction. While the sports of Dressage and

Eventing might have an easier time keeping competitors at a safe distance from each other, the Hunter discipline and various breed specific shows are fac- ing greater challenges. Streett Moore, Director of Riding at

McDonogh School in Owings Mills, said he is “taking a more conservative approach” to opening the facility back up to horse shows. McDonogh typically hosts competitions at the local and na- tional levels throughout the spring, sum- mer and fall and have not held any shows thus far for 2020. “Many of the big shows like Wel-

Once the state opened lesson and boarding

facilities, Moore and the staff at McDonogh put various new practices in place in order to

working.” McDonogh has separate bathrooms for staff, riders and horse health care workers. Tey also have set up separate tack trunks in front of each stall so that riders do not need to enter the communal tack room for any reason. “At first we even had a guard stationed

lington are going above and beyond to be able to host 700+ horses in a weekend but those shows have to approach things from a business stance,” he said. “We are a school rid- ing program and are playing it safe. I want to watch the other shows for a bit longer and see

A volunteer station at the Waredaca Horse Trials filled with disinfectant spray and protective gloves.

start lessons back up for its in-house clients. “We even started a lease program so our kids could ride more often,” he said. “Separation is the hardest part to figure out in general but we have come up with some things that seem to be

on the driveway checking people in. But you can’t really do that for a horse show,” Moore stated. Instead of jumping right back into hosting shows, Moore said they are hosting a schooling show mid- July to test different COVID-19 proto- cols. “Tere will not be any undersaddle classes and no leadline classes either,” he explained. “We are starting with jumps at 2’ and going up from there to avoid the type of classes that attract people gathering in the ring or outside watch- ing. Basically, riders will come, show and leave.” If all goes well, McDonogh will then hold a larger Maryland Horse Shows Association show before deciding what to do about their later summer USEF shows. “We have confidence in what we plan to do but want to keep it on a much smaller scale at first.” Beckie Peregoy of the Maryland Western


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