Speak up if you feel as though you are being mistreated and misrepresented. Nobody should feel un-included from their community and sports group. We may ride horses by ourselves but we still need support.

- Cassie Reid is a member of the Horse’n’Around 4-H club in Montgomery County

MHBA Election Results

T e Maryland Horse Breeders Association selected one incumbent member, a 2019 presi- dential appointee and three new members to the 2020 Board of Directors. T ose elected fi ll fi ve open seats on the board and will serve for the next three years. T e fi ve newly elected board members are: Ellen M. Charles, Michael D. Golden DVM, A. Leonard Pineau VMD, William S. Reightler and T omas J. Rooney.

Letter from the Editor

Dear Equiery Readers, On June 11, the Maryland Horse Council


chose to publically support a US Equestrian Federation statement against racism. T e sup- port was shown through a post on T e Equiery and MHC Facebook pages with a “Black Lives Matter” image. T e Equiery, which is owned and published by MHC, also changed its Face-

book banner graphic to the Black Lives Matter image. Within 24 hrs, over 5,000 people had seen the post and over 150 comments were posted. T ose numbers continued to grow over the next few days. Why did MHC choose to support USEF’s state- ment? Because the state- ment not only acknowl- edged that black lives do matter to USEF, but also off ered an extensive list of resources geared towards how we as an equestrian community can educate ourselves and move to- wards a more inclusive sport. A more inclusive sport. T at is the goal of the post. T e USEF statement says exactly what MHC intended to say. It states that the equestrian world is not immune to racism and that we need to work together to make a change. T at is why we made our July 11 post. To show our support for that change. For those of you who read the USEF state-

ment, we thank you. For those who have not read it yet, I strongly urge you to do so.

A shelter your animals will love

We do sincerely apologize to anyone who felt

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bullied by comments made by others and did our best to hide such posts from our Facebook followers. Although we fully endorse conversa- tions on this topic and opinions expressed from all viewpoints, we do not endorse bullying, name- calling and/or threats. I believe productive and healthy conversations lead to change. We do not all believe the same things, and that is ok. It is these diff erent beliefs that will shape a more equal and just future. But it is only with open minds and hearts that we can truly come together to become a more united,

diverse community of equestrians. So please, I ask each and every one of you,

continue the conversation in a productive and healthy way. We need to all be involved to af- fect change and create a world in which all lives truly do matter.

Sincerely, Katherine O. Rizzo, T e Equiery Editor

Javier Donatelli A Mobile Equine

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horse barns, run ins, garages, storage sheds, pavilions, and other Timber-Frame buildings.


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