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IDBS, a global provider of advanced software for R&D companies, has announced that pharmaceutical specialist Achillion Pharmaceuticals has implemented the IDBS E-WorkBook for electronic laboratory data capture.

Atul Agarwal, Executive Director at Achillion, said: “IDBS was a standout choice of electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) provider because of its forward-thinking vision, flexibility and first-class customer service. We were looking for a provider with the ability to scale-up as we continue to grow and bring new therapeutics to trial, and IDBS has the agility and openness to do so.”

Using the IDBS E-WorkBook platform will help Achillion improve data capture, knowledge sharing and management across multiple sites.

Ian Peirson, Head of Product Planning at IDBS, said: “IDBS is proud to support Achillion’s noble objective of discovering, developing and marketing new treatments for diseases. It is inspiring to know that E-WorkBook and the Chemistry module will play a part in helping Achillion to achieve its objectives.”

The E-WorkBook platform will give Achillion scientists a clear and intuitive interface to work with whilst synthesising and testing new discovery compounds.

IDBS’ strategic partnership with ChemAxon also provides Achillion with the latest technology for the robust representations of chemical and biological molecules, enabling Achillion scientists to ensure their data is stored in a modern and industry-standard data format.

Furthermore, IDBS’ ability to provide a combination of secure on-premise and SaaS solutions cemented Achillion’s decision to transition to a 100% electronic laboratory notebook with IDBS. 14 | Tomorrow’s Laboratories


Cleanroom and laboratory design and construction specialist Boulting Environmental Services (BES) has invested in the growth of its company by opening a new office.

This impressive new facility, which opened in Sandbrook Park, Rochdale, on February 6th 2017, has excellent links to the motorway network and enables the business to continue its sustained growth by substantially increasing available space. Furthermore, the introduction of collaborative work areas will further enhance the teamwork- based culture of the company.

BES has seen rapid business growth in the last few years and has successfully strengthened its team to support this development. The office move allows this expansion to continue, with the new facility increasing available space from 5,000 to 10,000 ft2


The move was made possible through support from Rochdale Borough Council, but nevertheless the business has invested over £500,000 in the construction of a new link between the two office

buildings and in the Fit Out of the offices themselves.

BES has been focusing on increasing its profile and presence in the region and, as a result, was awarded Business of the Year with turnover above £5million in last year’s Rochdale Business Awards. Having been based in Middleton for over ten years, the office expansion further emphasises the company’s commitment to the borough in the long term.

Steve Marsh, Managing Director of BES, said: “The major investment in our impressive new office space means that our facility now matches the ambition of the business. The move to Sandbrook Park will also give our team room to grow again and we expect to further strengthen our team again in 2017.

“Our people are our greatest asset and the new facility will enable our project teams to work together on design and construction projects in an open and vibrant environment.”

BES is currently recruiting for positions at a range of levels from apprentice to operations director. For more information click here.

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