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We find out why glasswashers from Miele Professional were chosen for use in laboratories at Europe’s largest medical campus.

In environments such as laboratories, where rigorous cleanliness is essential, it is vital to invest in equipment which provides analytically clean results every time. Busy laboratories also want equipment that is economical and efficient to run.

The PG8583 from the Miele Professional glasswasher range is the ideal solution for such environments as all of the brand’s machines have been tested to the highest standards, to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective cleaning.

The PG8583 from Miele Professional sets new standards for performance. It offers increased capacity, with innovative use of modular injectors on two loading levels, and fast cycle times of 18 minutes for light soil and 28 minutes on the lab standard cycle which means that more equipment can be processed in each cycle.

With a range of baskets and inserts that can accommodate a variety of narrow-necked glassware commonly used in labs, from small vials to large measuring cylinders, Miele Professional’s PG8583 offers great flexibility to laboratory staff.

Built to last, Miele Professional glasswashers need to be replaced

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less frequently than other brands and are energy and water efficient, which makes them cost-effective to run as well as minimising the environmental impact.

One scientific institute which has benefitted from Miele Professional machines is The Institute of Medical Science at the University of Aberdeen, the largest medical campus in Europe. The technicians who work there are responsible for the sterility of the laboratories and equipment.

Eileen Simpson, who works at the Institute, looks after the washing up unit that services all of the glassware used by students whilst conducting their various experiments in the labs. Due to the number of students,there is always a large volume of glassware and other laboratory equipment that needs to be sterilised.

When Eileen started working at the Institute, there were already Miele Professional laboratory machines on site. Having used Miele Professional products in her previous position, Eileen was in no doubt that the machines could provide unrivalled sterilisation performance throughout their long lifespan. When it came to upgrading the laboratory machines, Miele Professional proved to be a natural choice, given its track

record of providing quality products to the Institute.

Eileen went through dealer CAS Duncan, who advised on the best models to invest in and conducted the installation.

Commenting on her experience with CAS Duncan, Eileen said: “From start to finish, they showed complete professionalism with the advice and service they provided. They made the transition from our old machines to our new setup seamless.

“The Miele Professional laboratory machines make our system run efficiently and give us very little downtime.

“The performance and reliability is great, helped by the regular servicing of the machines and continued support given by CAS Duncan. I would recommend Miele Professional machines to other laboratories, without a doubt.

“The variety of cleaning programmes that the Miele Professional machines offer make it very easy for us to cover all our needs. The backup service supplied by CAS Duncan helps our system run at its full potential, complementing the machines perfectly."

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