par 4s (Nos. 3, 10 and 17), picturesque par 3s (No. 4 and 17) and risk-reward par 5s (Nos. 1, 9 and 12). Fortunately, five sets of tees offer options from 5,104 yards to 7,269 yards, as this is a both diverse and demanding par of 71. You won’t forget the clubhouse,

either. There is a purple-and-white mural (team colors) when you walk in the front door along with photos of the Antelopes’ teams. There also are coaches’ offices and team rooms upstairs, and in between you’ll find a restaurant and bar that brings both the inside and outside into play. “Our food is fabulous, as we’ve

incorporated a kind of American Grill- type theme, from our sandwiches to our wide variety of beer selections,” Mueller said. “So I think it’s all there, and now we just have to execute.” To which we say, well done, Grand


SHAKEUPS This spring would have been Jay Larscheid’s 15th

anniversary at

Longbow Golf Club as the general manager. Then he got a call from his boss at OB Sports Golf Management, C.A. Roberts, asking if Larscheid would be interested in looking at “something different.” Something different

turned out to be Sunland Springs Village Golf Club, a 55-and-over community that features three nine- hole executive courses. It certainly was a far cry from Longbow (even if both are in Mesa), to say the least. “OB had just taken over management, and the members had just bought the

course, with 400 of them putting up $500 each,” Larscheid explained. “In fact, the sale just went through Dec. 31, and for some reason, the opportunity excited me.” And so Larscheid

made a giant leap of faith backward and, well, could not be happier how it’s worked out. “I’m back to the grass

Jay Larscheid

roots of golf, where you can walk nine holes in an hour and a half. It’s pure and simple,” Larscheid reported. “This is a great little spot for me and I’m loving it that the

membership is all fired up about what lies ahead.”

Yes, just one more reason why Jay

Larscheid is one of the good guys of Arizona golf. n


Join the Arizona Golf Association for its Dublin, Ireland—Curtis Cup Tour Travel dates: Sunday, June 6 to Monday, June 13, 2016

TRIP INCLUDES: Golf Course rotation (fi ve rounds, all optional): Druid’s Glen, The European Club, Royal Dublin and Portmarnock. Accommodations (seven nights): Druid’s Glen, “The Augusta of Ireland,” and Jury’s Inn Custom House in Dublin. Curtis Cup outings (two and a half days): Dun Lagohaire Golf Club, Enniskerry. Castle and Pub crawls (optional).

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Hotels, hotel gratuities, all breakfasts, Curtis Cup days, ground transportation, team apparel and welcome cocktails. There is a base price ($1,700 prepaid) and golf option ($250/ round prepaid). You also must arrange your own roundtrip airfare, which is not paid, into Dublin Airport. LIMIT: 16 travelers. DEADLINE: February 26.

To register, call the AGA offi ces at (602) 944-3035.

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